Run in the woods/new tarp arrives

I woke up early and finally got up about 8am for a run in the woods. This is the start of my second week back running – about 6 weeks after re-dumping the evil cigarettes – and I’m actually enjoying it this time, which isn’t typical for me.

It was a lovely sunny morning, and I got to the woods about 0845. I’m currently investigating some new trails, but because this was a weekend run I wanted it to last for at least an hour, so I ran up the little hill first and went through the woods onto the main trail, and then took a prohibited path back in a little further along.

It was really beautiful in there: pine needles underfoot, lots of flowers and butterflies, beams of sunshine descending through the tops of the trees to the undergrowth etc etc. There were also a few large blusher toadstools — the first fungi I’ve seen in there for months — and the trails passed a number of very peaceful and attractive natterjack breeding ponds. I’d wanted to take the camera, but (i) I’d not charged it, and (ii) I’m not sure where the camera belt carrying thingy is. I’ll take it next weekend, which probably guarantees rain.

I stopped for a good stretch two or three times, and explored a number of different paths. I was fairly tired by the end, but I think I probably ran for about 75 minutes: maybe a little longer. I was listening to Master & Commander (read by Patrick Tull, of course), which is just as wonderful second time round.

I had another good stretch at the end. I was amazed to find when I started running again towards the end of last year that proper stretching did away with all pain and stiffness in my legs very quickly. Happily, the same thing seems to be happening again. I try to stop for a stretch about 5 minutes into a run (once my legs have had a chance to warm up) and then I stretch properly at the end. On a longer run I might stop more than once: it’s a chance for a breather as well, of course.

Back at the car I ate an apple and drove to Tescos for some bits and pieces (which included my post-run Sunday treat of pain au chocolate (okay, so I ate two…)). Yum 🙂 I then ran the car through the car wash and washed it again by hand at home. It was truly disgusting: it must be well over 6 months since I last washed it. After that I took it back to the garage and gave it a thorough cleaning/hoovering inside. Now it looks lovely 🙂 I then tidied up my sitting room — long overdue. That also looks great.

Now I feel relaxed and virtuous, and I’m about to watch Music & Lyrics.

My Solo Tarp arrived from Bob and Rose at earlier in the week and I can hardly wait to use it. I’ve also ordered a new 3/4 length mattress. It’s coming from Australia, but they were very fast last time. I hope to use them both in the Brecons next weekend with Bob and some of the podcasting bunch. It’ll be great fun to get out again: I’m v. much looking forward to it. It’ll also be my first experience of bivvying since Uni.

10 Responses to Run in the woods/new tarp arrives

  1. PhilW says:

    Heard about your blog from Alan Sloman’s site. Good to hear that you are back on the outdoors circuit (so to speak).

  2. peewiglet says:

    Hello! Wow, I was surprised to see a comment, but many thanks for leaving one 🙂 I’m just setting this blog up, and haven’t given anyone the addy yet! In fact, I’ve spent the last couple of hours drooling over Alan’s blog. Many thanks for the welcome back 🙂

  3. Duncan says:

    Like what he said, Quine.

  4. peewiglet says:

    Hello Duncan! It’s so nice to chat with peepz again. I’m trying to find my way to people’s blogs – can you please remind me of the addy of yours so that I can add it to my Blogroll thingy?

  5. Weird Darren says:

    wow nice to see you back and about.
    Look forward to seeing you again on the meet. Just remember eating does not stop you getting drunk 😉


  6. peewiglet says:

    Hello WD! Many thanks for coming over 🙂

    Just remember eating does not stop you getting drunk…

    I have no idea what you can possibly mean…. heheh….

  7. johnhee says:

    Welcome back PW. Looks like I’ll miss you in Brecon, but I know it will be a good one

  8. Ian Pennington says:

    Yo Shirley. Ian of OM here as in Ian and A. I love running in the woods by yours, I start at Pinfold Lane and head of down to Fishermans Path then come back over the sand dunes which is a real killer.

    I’ve started running over Frodsham way as its close to my home. Again some lovely woods a few good hilly bits and a lovely view of of Liverpool and the hills of Wales.

    Glad to hear you are enjoying your running and see that you are doing ok.

  9. litehiker says:

    That’ll be two of us at the weeknd with tarps then! Look forward to meeting you.

  10. Mike Bell says:

    Hi Shirl,
    Glad to see you about again!
    I may bump into you in Ffreshfield sometime, those woods look familiar!

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