Irritating – can’t seem to make a list of non-blog links – plus a bit of running

I’ve spent ages playing around with the widgets in the customisation part but I can’t seem to find a way to make a list of links, other than a list of links to other blogs. That’s a little irritating, since WordPress insists on calling the list of blogs the ‘Blogroll’, and I don’t want non-blogs in my Blogroll since… well, they’re not blogs! Maybe I’m missing something…

I ran about 5 miles at lunchtime on roads. I don’t like running on roads, but I’ll put up with it to get the miles in during the week. I felt pretty tired, slow and useless: it’s much easier in the woods, although it’s quite hilly there.

6 Responses to Irritating – can’t seem to make a list of non-blog links – plus a bit of running

  1. alan.sloman says:

    Hi Shirl!

    Very smart looking blog. I don’t use WordPress (at the moment, but am playing with it to see if I can transfer my blog over to it as it looks a whole lot better layout than Blogger)

    Howvere young Mr Howell does and I am sure a quick nudge in his direction will get you sorted quickly.

    All the best

  2. peewiglet says:

    Hello the Slowman! You’re a cunning thing, finding me here! I only started playing around with WordPress a couple of days ago, and was just trying it out 🙂 It’s great fun, though.

    Your LeJog blog is brilliant. I’m reading through it now (though I should actually be working). Many thanks for coming over 🙂

  3. alan.sloman says:

    I recollect that you are featured in the Lejogblog when I struggle up Pen-y-Gent 🙂

  4. peewiglet says:

    Oh, v. cool! Wow, I’ll never forget Pen-y-Gent! *shiver*

    *trots away to seek out the LeJog Pen-y-Gent posting*

  5. beardedgit says:

    OK, here’s what I do to make new lists:

    Go to “My Dashboard”

    Hit “Blogroll”

    Pick one of your non-blog links, hit the “edit” button for it (over on the right side)

    Add a new category (option at top of r/h margin)

    When the new category has been created, untick “blogroll” box, and tick the box for the newly-created category.

    Go through all links editing them in this way.

    After a few home-screen refreshes, the new lists should appear in your sidebar.



  6. beardedgit says:

    I’ll just go and sit on the naughty step 😦

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