Hello, backpacking pals :) (& run in the woods) (& amazing ST TOS slashvid!)

That cunning Alan Sloman somehow sniffed me out here, and now I’ve had messages from a bunch of pals I’ve not been in contact with for more-or-less a year! It’s lovely to be welcomed back so very warmly – thank you all 😀

I’m now drooling over peepses blogs, all of them enormously sophisticated and filled with things that I’ve not yet managed to create here, like lists of links separate from lists of blogs. Perhaps I need to learn CSS??? *wee shudderlet*

*back to drooling over peepses blogs*


I drove down to the woods this evening and ran for about 40 minutes. It’s still quite lovely in there, and fully of heady sights and scents. I’ve seen what I think must be a pair of buzzards almost each time I’ve been down there recently, and off the beaten tracks. It would be nice to get a bit closer. I’m not sure what they are, exactly, but apparently there are both honey buzzards and common buzzards around. Also, about a year ago my father and I saw some extremely large bird of prey from his garden. It was high in the sky over the woods/beach area, and circling in the updrafts. I’ve no idea what that was either, but really we both felt that it must be enormous! Maybe they’re hiding golden eagles in the pinewoods?…

[Later still…]

I’ve learned all sorts of surprising things in the last 9 months or so about fandom ‘slash’ i.e. people writing stories/making videos/drawing pictures etc of characters from television/books/films in same-sex relationships. It turns out that many regard Kirk/Spock as having been the first truly slashy relationship! Well, my head spun a bit at that, because I was a true addict when I was a child and I didn’t notice anything slashy going on there. Well, not unless it involved Captain Kirk and sabres and stuff. Anyway, here’s an amazing fanvid chronicling the Kirk/Spock thingy. I’m posting it because it’s so bizarre that it makes me laugh. Beware, though: a few of the words to the accompanying song are rather graphic, so if you dislike swear words (and are still reading) then best give it a miss 🙂 Otherwise, sit back and prepare to be amazed!

6 Responses to Hello, backpacking pals :) (& run in the woods) (& amazing ST TOS slashvid!)

  1. Andy Howell says:

    PW, you don’t need two understand CSS – just get yourself a nice template from the WordPress site.

    Good see you back 🙂

  2. alan.sloman says:

    PW: Try checking

    You might find a few old friends in there

  3. johnhee says:

    naw PW – just get the writing thingy sorted first -the pretty wbby stuff can wait

  4. peewiglet says:

    Hi Andy and John 🙂 It’s v. nice to see you both here. Hopefully I’ll see you at some sort of weekend thingy before too long.

    Many thanks for the link, Alan – I’ll go there and take a look around.

  5. Gayle says:

    Hello Peewiglet!

    Like everyone else, I’m pleased to see you back around again.

    Should you at any point stumble over to my blog you’ll find that you’re leaps and bounds ahead in sophistication. I’m leading in the ‘lack of sophistication’ stakes! Some day I’ll work out how to put those links and stuff in.

    Look forward to meeting you at the weekend.

  6. John Hesp says:

    Really missed the Peewiglet TGO Challenge account this year. Andy’s is very good, but PW’s are the all time best.

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