Roclites, Insul-Mats, Rufus Wainwright…

Inov-8 Roclites – peeling sole problem continuing?

I remember that there was a bit of a fuss a couple of years ago about the way soles were coming away from some of the Inov-8 shoes. Inov-8 replaced a pair of Roclite 315s for me when it happened in the Pyrenees, and I know they replaced a lot of others too.

The story at the time was that the problem had been solved and wouldn’t recur. However, the same thing has just happened to the brand new pair of Roclite 315s that I took to Corsica.

Does anyone know whether this is still a widely reported issue? I’m going to send them back: peeling soles after 5 days’ use (and maybe less, because that’s the first time I looked) isn’t acceptable. It’s a great pity, because they’re truly excellent shoes otherwise.

Insul-Mat mattresses — lots of punctures?

Also, and while I’m complaining… I’ve now got 2 InsulMat mattresses with a multitude of tiny punctures. The first was a MaxThermo (I think) and the second is an Ether-Thermo6. I think they’re different names for the same thing. Anyway, they’re the v. nice lighter alternative to the Exped Down Air mattresses for those of us who find T-Rests too thin.

The first one was fine for about 18 months until I discovered the problem when I woke up in the middle of the night in the Pyrenees last year. I didn’t bother to complain, but simply bought a replacement (3/4 length this time) last August. That one has already gone the same way, though. I spent ages battling with the bloody thing in the bath trying to locate the holes, but although I applied about 7 patches it’s still going down. I wrote to Pacific Outdoor about it before I went to Corsica, but they haven’t replied.

Has anyone else experienced or heard tell of this?

Lovely Rufus

Just in case there’s anyone who hasn’t come across the wonderful Rufus Wainwright, here’s a clip of him singing my favourite of his tunes: Danny Boy (no, not that Danny Boy).


Rufus Wainwright — Danny Boy

Eep! Just noticed this somewhere. Time to run…

4 Responses to Roclites, Insul-Mats, Rufus Wainwright…

  1. Dawn says:

    Mmmmhhhh, I think Inov 8 need to sort out things a bit. My original 303s had problems with the soles, my latest pair split right across the insole.

  2. peewiglet says:

    Hmmm… interesting. What a great pity they haven’t sussed it out. Did you send them back?

  3. Dawn says:

    Maybe I ought to send them back. The problem is it will cost me aroud a tenner on postage. My 303’s I glued back and continued wearing. A lovely shoe if they had performed properly.

  4. peewiglet says:

    You should ring them, tell them about the problem, tell them you’ll need a replacement and tell them that you’re not willing to pay for the postage. They paid the postage when I sent my 315s back for a replacement last time, and quite right too. £60 odd squids is a lot of money. I’d ring them first, though, so that you can explain that you’ll need them to refund your postage.

    DO IT NOW!


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