Can anyone tell me how to search for blogs and podcasts?

I’m almost totally ignorant when it comes to blogs and podcasts. I’ve been shown how to search for podcasts via iTunes (I think…) in the past but I can’t work out how to do it.

I’d like to find some nice food-related stuff, but I’ve really no idea how to go about it rather than typing food +blog in Google, which I’m sure can’t be the most effective way.

Anyway, if anyone can give me a couple of pointers I’d be very grateful.

Oh, and what’s this RSS Feed thing? (If that’s what it’s called… some sort of feed, anyway.)

1. I think I’ve sussed the blogs thing: a Google search seemed to work well. I’m still confused about how to find podcasts, though.

2. I’ve added a little Feed icon (see top right) but am I right to call it RSS?


9 Responses to Can anyone tell me how to search for blogs and podcasts?

  1. In Google, go to “More” (located above the search box), and you’ll find “Blogs” listed under there.

    Selecting that will bring up the Blog Search Engine.

    Direct address is the forgettable:

  2. In the iTunes Store, you’ll find a link called “Power Search” on the right-hand side, near the top banner. Click on the link.

    In the window that opens, you can search “podcasts” instead of “all results” by scrolling through the left-hand side options.

    Eg with a description “hiking” and search, I see that TGO’s podcasts are the most popular. I can then subscribe to them if I wish (which I have done at home).

    The other way of doing it is to look at the directories on offer. In the main iTunes store, there are directories of podcasts, where you can move through the various categories to find what you are interested in. They even have an iTunes university now, with various online podcasted courses (look under iTunes U, just below the Podcast directory on the left-hand side).

    Hope that helps.

  3. john hee says:

    #2 it is, you are, it works

  4. As to the term “RSS” – it is one of the two main ways to receive newsfeeds. Atom being the other.

    When subscribing, I get the option to choose either RSS or Atom newsfeeds. In recent experiments with receiving comments, I found Atom to be faster than RSS, but that is merely for comments, and not the whole article. I’m not *that* sad…

  5. peewiglet says:

    Wow, Duncan: what a comprehensive answer! Thank you very much indeed 🙂 I’ll go and search the podcasts in a mo.

    John — hello 🙂 Many thanks for checking that it’s working. I seem to have fallen way behind on all this podcast technology stuff, but I think it’s time to catch up now.

  6. alan.sloman says:

    I don’t know how Duncan found the time to help you out here PW – he spent the entire evening helping me re-size my Blog width including the sizing of the pictures to match!

    The man is a minor deity.

  7. peewiglet says:

    Duncan’s a star and a whizz! Oh, and I’ve just been drooling at the little keyboard pics on your blog.


  8. Red Yeti says:

    RSS – Wikipedia knows all… 🙂

    But then again understanding what RSS might be is similar to knowing how a phone works – interesting but not required if you want to use it.

    The best RSS reader I know – is Google Reader. As I mentioned in a comment just a few minutes ago – I’d not have seen that you were back without it.

    Sorry to cross link to my own Blog again but it seems silly to repeat myself (and besides that’s part of what this “web” malarkey is meant to be about surely?)

    There are other RSS feed aggregators out there – I just think Reader is the nicest.

  9. peewiglet says:

    Ooh, ta for the additional info, Dave.

    Thanks v. much indeed for the link to your blog. That is indeed exactly what this web malarkey is all about 🙂

    *trots off to read it*

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