So, are all piglets this stupid, then?

Sometimes I wonder how I manage to get out of bed and navigate to my clothes in the morning.

I somehow missed out on microwaves. My father had a little one in the corner of the kitchen, but none of the rest of us really used it, and I’ve never caught up. A few years ago I thought I’d better get one, just in case. I thought it would be useful for defrosting home-made chicken stock. It seems it wasn’t, though. I think the stock is still in the bottom of the freezer.

Anyway… a couple of days ago I wanted to use some butter straight from the fridge. It was solid, and it occurred to me to shove it in the microwave for 20 seconds or so. I did, and a few seconds later the microwave started making terrifying electrical flash things, and there was smoke, and loud noise and popping, sizzling noises. I was tempted to run, but I grabbed a tea towel and made a frantic poke at the Off button. Fortunately it stopped. It seems there must have been metal in the butter wrapper. How extremely scary it was! Shouldn’t butter wrappers come with some sort of warning?

And now today I realise that I’m too stupid to be able to work out how to use the zoom lens on my clever new D-SLR camera. With my little point-and-shoot I just pulled a lever thing that rested conveniently under one of my fingers, and the flower or insect dashed in close. There doesn’t seem to be such a lever on the new camera, though. I think perhaps I’m supposed to turn the housing on the lens, but in my Canon EOS 400D for Dummies book I was told that manually turning it might damage the lens, and now I’m terrified to touch it. And when I look up ‘Zoom’ in the Dummies index there’s nothing there 😦 I’m stuck…

Edited to add:
Okay, so I think I’ve sussed the zoom thing. It seems there’s a difference between the zoom barrel and the focusing ring, and it’s the focusing ring I’m not supposed to turn unless the camera is set to Manual Focus. Phew!

6 Responses to So, are all piglets this stupid, then?

  1. That’s the one. I had just found this vid:

    and was going to say to watch at 1m12seconds to see how the chap turns the barrel of the lens to zoom in/out.

    Looks like some nifty features on the 400D. Look forward to some more photos on the blog, PW

  2. peewiglet says:

    Thanks, Duncan 🙂 It’s amazing what it’s possible to find on YouTube. I hadn’t even thought of looking there.

    I feel a lot of piccies coming on 🙂

  3. As to stupidity – nope. There’s a lot of settings to play around with on the dSLR. Then there’s the balance between f number, shutter opening times, ISO. Aargh, so much to remember. Using a point-and-click, I miss being able to cycle through manually setting points of focus. I must get the 350D dusted off.

    As well as books on photography, there’s places on YouTube, eg
    and detailed reviews of the camera at:

    As to the microwave – ’nuff to say that I melted a plastic bowl, which filled the kitchen with poisonous fumes. I had to buy a new microwave, and the smell from the fumes lingered for over a week.

  4. Dawn says:

    we all have our moments lass. Nipping around Tesco for some essential shopping I checked out the reduced section. Several bits well reduced. Back indoors I find I have bought a tin of cat food and a tin of chunky dog food. Fortunately the local tesco know me and I was able change it

  5. peewiglet says:

    Dawn – lol! 🙂 Okay, I confess I feel better now 🙂

    Duncan – ta for the further info. I’ll go and check it out. And I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who’s blown up the microwave 🙂

  6. All it was was that one of the wee plastic rollers had come off the bit that rotates the plate. The bowl on the plate therefore stopped rotating, and spent 5 minutes being nuked in place.

    I’m sure there’s a moral in the story somewhere. Oh yeah – I’m an idiot ;0

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