Coast to Coast – Finished! Grosmont to Robin Hood’s Bay posted :)

At last! Grosmont to Robin Hood’s Bay can be found here 🙂


8 Responses to Coast to Coast – Finished! Grosmont to Robin Hood’s Bay posted :)

  1. alan.sloman says:

    Phew! Finished it – a fine read Shirl!

    Brought it all back – I did it with my friend Peter in 1988 (I think – it was ages ago!) Falling Foss seems to have got all overgrown now.

    They were some pretty big days you did at the end of the walk. Nicely done Shirl.

  2. peewiglet says:

    Thanks v. much indeed for reading 🙂 I’m v. glad you enjoyed it. And yes, I really felt those days towards the end!

  3. Bob Martin says:

    Another very enjoyable read. I do find your expeditions inspiring.

    BTW re birds, Woodpigeons are in the RSPB guide under W whilst Feral Pigeons are dealt with under Rock Doves.

  4. peewiglet says:

    Thanks very much indeed, Bob 🙂 I’m always delighted when people enjoy reading them.

    Thanks v. much also for the info re: the pigeons. I’m relieved to hear it, and I’ll go and amend that bit. I actually thought for a while that sparrows weren’t in the guide, but I found them under ‘house sparrow’ before I committed myself to the notion.

    Any idea what ‘vagrant’ birds the RSPB might have been referring to? I’m rather hopeless at birds, so once I’d confirmed that magpies were in (well, they do have a reputation as thieves) I wasn’t sure which birds they might have meant.

  5. Bob Martin says:

    My Mitchell Beazley book of birds includes a category of ‘Rare Vagrant’ which it usefully defines as ‘Very rare or vagrant species’. So, to the Concise Oxford Dictionary which more helpfully gives ‘a bird that has strayed from its normal range or migratory route’.

    For a more juicy definition of vagrant, though not in the context of birds, gives ‘a tramp, beggar, prostitute, or similar idle or disorderly persons whose way of living makes them liable to arrest and detention’. I seem to remember John Hillaby got moved on for vagrancy in ‘Journey through Britain’. I wonder which category he came under ?

  6. blogpackinglight says:

    Thanks, Shirl, excellent read.

  7. peewiglet says:

    Thanks v. much for reading, BPL 🙂 I’m v. glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for letting me know.

  8. peewiglet says:

    Bob — I missed your reply yesterday. It sounds as though they may well have been using ‘vagrant’ in the Mitchell Beazley sense.

    Hrumph… so there’s nothing for me to be worked up about at *all* now? Drat! I will go and amend it.

    Thanks for clarifying that for me. It really did seem absolutely bananas 🙂

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