Backpacking photos: Pennine Way, March 2008

Last March I did most of the Pennine Way again, and I’ve been putting some pictures up at SmugMug. I might write it up at some stage, but in the meantime, and for those who’d like to see what a late winter/early spring Pennine Way looks like, you’re welcome to take a scan at the piccies.

This SmugMug place seems really excellent, btw. The only thing is that it takes quite a long time to upload the pictures, and so I’ve only got about a third of them up so far. I’ll put the rest of them up over the next day or so, and then I’ll go back and add captions and maybe a bit of further info.


8 Responses to Backpacking photos: Pennine Way, March 2008

  1. PhilW says:

    Well, you’ve been quite busy in recent months. Glad you finished the C2C write up which I enjoyed reading. I can appreciate that doing such reports must take some time so understand why you’re just putting the photos up this time. Have started to browse them – what’s the tent? A Voyager?

  2. peewiglet says:

    Hello 🙂

    I’m glad you enjoyed the C2C: many thanks for letting me know.

    The tent’s not a Voyager: it’s a Mountain Equipment Dragonfly, which is very similar indeed. In fact, istm that it’s difficult to spot the difference from a distance.

    One of the differences, though, is that it pitches outer first (or both inner and outer together, which is how I do it). I think it may be a smidge lighter too. I like it very much, but I only take it now when I anticipate truly grotty weather, and am willing to carry a bit of extra weight, since my Laser Competition is so sturdy that really it’ll cope with anything. Tbh, though, I’d always go for a semi-geodesic tent (like the Dragonfly) if weight was no consideration, both for the additional stability and the extra space.

  3. PhilW says:

    Thought there was something that wasn’t quite right for a Voyager – the external pole sleeves.

  4. PhilW says:

    Keep the pictures coming! Looks like you had some pretty long/wet/muddy days. How long did you take to do the PW?

  5. peewiglet says:

    Thanks Phil 🙂 The rest of them should be up in an hour. I’ve worked out how to make the files smaller without significantly affecting image quality. Just checking them through now.

    I was aiming for 14/15 days, and was on target, but on day 12 I got totally fed up at Knarsdale when the pub I’d been aiming to stop at for a break–The Kirkstyle Inn–turned out to be closed. (Straw… camels… etc…) And so I went home 🙂 Weirdly, just as I was wondering how to get from there to ‘civilisation’, the owners came out and turned out to be about to drive to Carlisle, and so they gave me a lift to the station!

    Maybe I will write it up after all. It was quite a trip!

  6. peewiglet says:

    Piccies all up now.

  7. Gayle says:

    Really enjoyed those photos – particularly for the ‘I remember that bit’ moments.

    That robin at Crowden (of which we also have a photo), must surely be the same one that shared our food with us when we were there in May. By that time it was feeding a fledgling, which was a little less forward, although I’m sure it must be stealing campers food for itself by now.

  8. peewiglet says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed them 🙂

    I’m delighted to hear that the robin has produced a baby. It was such a friendly little thing.

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