Wee creatures… invading my space!

I was sitting watching the television 20 minutes ago when suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a HUGE spider leaving my bedroom. Leaving My Bedroom! In total Stealth Mode.


I confess that this is something that I’m always aware of when I’m camping. I see other people putting up their tent and fastening the door open to air it, and I’m thinking: “Are you NUTS? Are you actually INVITING the entire arachnid population of the area to sneak into your tent and snuggle down in your sleeping bag?” I even saw this happening in Corsica, where they have BLACK WIDOW SPIDERS!

*feels faint, and has to lie down for a moment*

Give me nasty camping-related fumes any day!

I’m absolutely anal about keeping my inner fastened up if there seems to be any chance whatsoever that scary, silent arachnids might creep in and secrete themselves in dark corners of the tent. I’ve never been keen on the idea, but I think that waking up on the last night of the Pennine Way and opening my eyes to find a spider SITTING ON MY NOSE! didn’t help. It took me 2 years after I got home to work up the courage to unpack the sleeping bag and check it out for crawlies… I had to buy a new one to use in the meantime.

It’s not that I don’t *like* spiders btw: if I saw one drowning in a puddle I’d spend significant time attempting to rescue it. With the assistance of a suitably long twig or piece of grass. I made myself late trying to leave Alston in 2004 because I was trying to tempt a spider out of the bath onto a piece of loo roll, so that I could drop it out of the window to safety. But share my sleeping bag with one? Or my BED? No way…

Anyway, this is something that worries me about bivvying and tarping. I was looking at the nice Shangri-La 3 tents over at BPL the other day, but when I realised that they don’t automatically come with an inner I had to turn away. What About The Ticks???


Is this only me? Don’t all these wee creeping creatures bother the rest of you when you hunker down for the night in the undergrowth?

Time to watch this again, I reckon… *g*

16 Responses to Wee creatures… invading my space!

  1. lonewalker08 says:

    Thanks Shirl – you’ve just made my day with the funniest post. You really waited 2 years before opening your sleeping bag? I’m ashamed to say I laughed out loud at that – I know I shouldn’t because I know how badly some people are affected by spiders and it’s not funny. My friend has spider alarms behind his furniture, which detect the movement of the little devils and when the alarm goes off he runs from the room while his long-suffering wife seeks and destroys the critter. This time of the year is definitely big spider season.
    Ticks are a much bigger worry for me; still tick-free, but becoming more paranoid as time goes by. I won’t wear shorts in the hills anymore and like you I always keep my tent zipped up tight.
    Apologies again for laughing at your post.
    Stuart (LoneWalker)

  2. Gayle says:

    Oh, that was so good that I had to read it to Mick!

    I’ve no problems with spiders. If one wants to share my sleeping bag then let it. The more likely reason for me to make sure that the inner tent is zipped up tight is ants. Nasty biting critters. And of course midges in Scotland – absolutely pointless nasty biting critters.

    Found quite a few ticks in the tent in Scotland. Now they did have me searching the tent for more (including turning my sleeping bag inside out) – but I assumed that they came in on our clothes rather than crawling in of their own accord.

  3. peewiglet says:

    Stuart–it’s okay to laugh! It was pretty comical *g* It really was 2 years before I unpacked the sleeping bag. Well, it might actually have been a little longer than that. I realised when I woke up to see that spider that the whole hut was full of wee crawling things, and I was afraid of what I might find. In fact, I found no spidery corpses, and now I’m using the bag again 🙂

    Spider alarms? Wow! I’ve never heard of them. I’m not quite as scared as that, thank goodness, although even as I type this now I’m wondering where the monstrous tarantula of last night might now be lurking. Sometimes I lie on the floor in front of the television and drop off to sleep, and I worry a bit that the large house spiders might creep out of hiding and crawl across my tummy.

    Gayle–I agree about the ants. They were actually more of a problem than spiders in Corsica. In fact, I didn’t realise that there were Black Widow spiders in Corsica until I got home and noticed references to them on the internet. I suppose they’re more likely to be down in the valleys than up in the mountains.

    Ants were constantly present, though, and some of them with very large jaws indeed. Last year in the Pyrenees I had a painful bite of some sort on my leg, and I think it might well have been from an ant.

    Ticks in the tent… ugh! They’re so small that I suppose they could probably get in through the insect-netting on many inners. More likely, though, and as you suggest, they get in on clothing. I’ve only ever had (or at least noticed) a couple, and I’m hoping I’m one of those lucky people who don’t tend to attract a lot of them.

  4. Dawn says:

    Oh Shirl, we must make room for our fellow creatures. Mind, ants can be bothersome. Just think though, with no inner tent, creatures can and go as they please. Sometime i will tell you about the wee mouse i had for company.

  5. peewiglet says:

    I’d be happy to share my tent with a mouse (as long as it didn’t bring any little hikers in with it), and I was thrilled to see a little lizard making its way under the outer in Corsica recently. The idea of small creepy crawly things in my tent, though, is frightening to me. Eep…

  6. LoneWalker says:

    Maybe I shouldn’t share this….. 😉

    Shortlay after reading your post I was watching the Breakfast news on BBC and saw a report of a family in Essex who found a giant Afghan spider apparently brought home in the kit of a returning soldier, but is now loose in their house. They think it already killed their dog and won’t return to the house until its been found. Full story here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/essex/7585391.stm

  7. peewiglet says:

    ZOMG! I saw that in the paper today, and was glad it wasn’t living in my bedroom!

  8. peewiglet says:



    The spider made a further appearance this evening just as I’d settled down in front of the television with my chicken salad sandwiches. It ran straight at me, and when I dropped my napkin in alarm it ran onto that and bared its fangs at me! Well, okay: so maybe it didn’t actually bare its fangs, but I felt as though it did…

    I leaped up in fright and got onto the stool I’d been sitting on, and the spider ran under the armchair. It was even larger than I’d remembered. Do you think that possibly there could be… *gulp*… more than one?

    *eyes bedroom, uneasily*

  9. LoneWalker says:

    It probably became so big by eating all the other spiders in the house, so its very unlikely that there’s another big one. (It’s not a sin to lie in a reassuring sense is it?)

  10. Bob Martin says:

    We used to live in Bahrain where they have camel spiders. The locals were very fond of telling a tale about a housemaid who fell asleep and had part of her face eaten by a camel spider. I don’t know if this is biologically correct or not but it certainly put me off having a kip outdoors. The locals actually do quite a lot of camping in the desert. Sooner them than me. Rather than waking up with a spider on your nose you could wake up with no nose.

  11. peewiglet says:

    Stuart–I’m not sure whether that’s reassuring or not! Some nasty, great carnivorous beasty dragging its bulk backwards and forwards between my bedroom and the room where I spend most of my time! *g*

    Bob–I’m afraid I have to go, now, and have that story surgically removed from my brain. Back in a while…

    *trots away, squealing*

  12. J says:

    “a spider SITTING ON MY NOSE! ”

    On YOUR NOSE??!!

    Not sure what’s worse: the shocking squeamishness of it, or the shuddering audacity of it. What a damn cheek!!

  13. peewiglet says:

    What a damn cheek!!

    Yeah! That’s what I thought!!

    Well… it’s one of the things that I thought *g*…

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