Laser Competition — BlogPackingLight’s fantastic modifications

One of my favourite places is BlogPackingLight, which is an absolute mine of information, and innovative solutions to a variety of backpacking problems.

In particular, there’s a whole raft of extremely cunning and elegant suggestions for the modification of Laser Competition tents: here and here.

They’re all easy to do. A few of them involve the use of bits and pieces that can easily be purchased from Bob and Rose at, but none of them are expensive, and Bob and Rose are so quick at sending things out that they normally arrive in the following day’s post. (Well, in fact things have *always* arrived the following morning when I’ve ordered from Bob and Rose.)

So! If you have a Laser Competition then haste ye over to BPL and check out those suggestions. Hasten there even if you haven’t got a Competition, because there are all sorts of other clever and interesting ideas for all of us who go camping.

2 Responses to Laser Competition — BlogPackingLight’s fantastic modifications

  1. blogpackinglight says:

    thx 😉

  2. peewiglet says:

    Not at all! Thank *you* 🙂

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