Life affirming stuff!

This sounds like a joke, but I’m happy to say it’s true.

In Massachusetts 3 days ago, New Bedford firefighter Al Machado saved a cat with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation after rescuing it from an apartment fire. 2 cats died in the fire, but the firefighters saved a number of other animals.

Little Peewiglet tells a friend about the rescue

Little Peewiglet is going to write to the firefighter to thank him for what he did.

2 Responses to Life affirming stuff!

  1. John Hesp says:



    Come on guys, there’s a joke in there somewhere…..

  2. peewiglet says:

    Little Peewiglet has been thrown into confusion by this reference to a joke. I’ll be packing him carefully in bubble-wrap and cardboard and sending him down to you, so that you can explain it to him.


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