Toadstool piccies

I got out into the woods late yesterday afternoon to start putting Andy’s great photography advice into practice. Almost as soon as I started I realised I still didn’t have a clue what I was doing, but fortunately the camera is so clever that it didn’t prevent me from getting some great (by my standards, which aren’t high) pictures. I’m looking forward to getting back there, maybe later today if it stops raining again… aagh…

If you’d like to see the piccies then click on the toadstool above (and speak nicely to the fly) *g*

I’m currently psyching myself up to get out there and pick some wild mushrooms for eating back here at the sty, and towards that end I’ve recently purchased the most excellent and lovely Mushrooms: River Cottage Handbook No.1, by John Wright.

It’s a little disconcerting, though, to have read twice, in the space of the last few weeks, of people over here who’ve had very unfortunate (and in one case terminal) experiences picking and cooking mushrooms from the woods.

Nick Evans, who wrote The Horse Whisperer, his wife and two close relatives were poisoned by the Deadly Webcap, a relative of the Death Cap, and at least two of them have had to undergo dialysis. They picked them up in Scotland on Mr Evans’s brother-in-law’s estate in Moray.

And then, two days ago, I read that a 40 year old woman had died from eating a Death Cap mushroom she picked with a friend at Ventnor Botanical Gardens.

I can’t help wondering whether the recent reawakening of interest in picking and eating mushrooms has been responsible for these incidents. Even though Death Caps are profoundly toxic, I don’t think people often actually eat and die of them over here. Anyway, and as John Wright suggests in his book, if you only ever learn how to recognise one toadstool then let it be the Death Cap.

5 Responses to Toadstool piccies

  1. alan.sloman says:

    I think I shall stick to picking the blackberries from my garden! Waitrose seems to be the safest bet for mushrooms.

  2. John Hesp says:

    A friend of mine likes to forage and eat fungi, but he always sits by the phone whilst eating them………….

  3. peewiglet says:

    Alan – Waitrose! Yum. One of my favourite places 🙂

    John – Yeah! I’m certainly finding that there’s more than just a frisson of anxiety attached to the idea of picking and eating them, although I keep reading that as long as one’s careful and sticks with those that are unmistakeable all should be well…

  4. Dawn says:

    Think I will stick with blackberries. Feasted on them on Coll.

  5. John Hesp says:

    It’s a bit quiet round here, do you think Peewiglet ate the wrong one? I knew she should have sat by the telephone…..

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