Help! Product safe to use in reproofing my Laser Competition?

Being the organised sort of person I am, it occurred to me this morning that maybe the time was right to wash and reproof my tent. Less than 72 hours before I leave for the Challenge… A spray down with the hose didn’t get rid of the nasty Corsican dust, and there are the skeletal remains of many thousands of nematodes clinging to the bottom, I’m sure…

I’ve washed it in the bath with pure soap flakes, but I can’t find anyone near me who has the Terra Nova tent reproofer. Does anyone know whether I can use one of the Nikwax products, or another good one? I’d like something I can wash in, ideally. I see in the info sheet that the flysheet. groundsheet and inner are made of nylon, but I can’t seem to find anything more detailed.

Please help if you can. Otherwise I may have to buy a new tent! *cough cough*

Edited to add: I see a product on the Nikwax page called ‘Tent & Gear Solar Proof’ which is a spray-on waterproofing product. It’s the one they suggest for nylon products. Being a total techno-ignoramus, though, I’m just not quite sure whether it’s okay for the Competition or not.

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  1. Hi Shirl,

    I use the Nikwax “tent & gear Proofing” on my Akto and I’ve not had a problem. Doesn’t the Akto and Competition use the same material for the flysheet? Kerlon 1200?

    • peewiglet says:

      Hello, and thanks 🙂

      I’m not sure whether the Competition uses the same material, tbh. I’ve just Googled but couldn’t come up with an answer.

      *still hesitating*

  2. Gayle says:

    ‘Fraid I can’t help on your tent proofing problem – but nice to see that there’s someone else out there as organised as I am.

    I have this afternoon finally got around to fixing the rip in my waterproof trousers that I incurred last October. Quite staggering that I managed to put that task off for over six months, until the very last day available to me!

    • peewiglet says:

      Hee… 6 months would qualify as pretty speedy in my world!

      Are you doing the Challenge too, then? If so, how extremely exciting! Where are you starting? If not, where are you off to?

  3. blogpackinglight says:

    Nikwax won’t damage your tent and should restore the water beading on the tent. I’ve done yet more Comp mods, if you are interested. Looking forward to you TGOC musings.

    • peewiglet says:

      Ooh, thank you! I was hoping you’d spot my plea for help 🙂 I knew you’d know the answer.

      I’m v. glad to hear that you’ve done more mods, and I’d love to read them and then, no doubt, follow suit. As soon as the tent is dry I intend to get working on it. Are there any that you’re particularly happy with?

  4. blogpackinglight says:

    The venting option is easy if you’ve got two mini karabiners. I think it is worthwhile lengthening the end guys and two are more stable than one. If you’ve got a small stuff sack and some safety pins, you can rig up a tent pocket. I also think it’s worth using two mini karabiners (one either side) to secure the cords on the pole hood. If the cords get on the wrong side of the pole, it’s a lot easier to sort out. Have fun!

    • peewiglet says:

      Doh… I feel as thick as a brick, but I’m having terrible problems getting my head round the line-lok again 😦 Bloody good job I had no ambitions to become an engineer!

      Ahaa… an experiment utilising a hook attached to a door has yielded encouraging results. Perhaps I can work out how to use them after all 🙂

      I loved all of your suggestions, and plan to incorporate all the ones you’ve mentioned above. My only problem is that I don’t have the mini karibiners, but I’m hoping I might be able to get some at Blacks or Millets tomorrow.

      Incidentally, and for what it’s worth, I’ve not bothered tying on the tent cover since the first time I used the tent. I find that the tension keeps it in place. It will be much easier to tension it, though, with the method you’ve suggested.

  5. Gayle says:

    We are indeed doing the Challenge – starting at Oban.

    Now moved from the sewing machine and am surrounded by a mountain of gear that doesn’t look like it could possibly fit in a backpack!

    • peewiglet says:

      Ooh, great news! I’m starting in Torridon. Might you be in Braemar on the middle Saturday? Are you finishing on the Thursday? I hope we can meet up!

  6. Colin Ibbotson says:

    Hi Peewiglet

    You really shouldn’t need to reproof a Silnylon tent such as the Competition as the Silicon is impregnated into the actual nylon during manufacture and is pretty much permanent. That Nikwax product you mention is meant for a PU or other single sided waterproofed material and while it will not harm your tent it’s unlikely to do much good. Dust and dirt will reduce the beading of water giving the impression of reduced waterproofness and its good to see that you have washed it in pure soap flakes so that should do the trick. Rinse it well as I don’t want to see a foaming Competition next week! Please whatever you do not put the flysheet in the washing machine with any of the wash-in products as the chances of it surviving a washing cycle are small.

    • peewiglet says:

      Hello Colin 🙂

      Ahaaa! Then maybe I don’t actually need to do it? I’d sort of assumed that I didn’t really need to, but when I saw reproofing spray on the Terra Nova site I wondered whether perhaps I should.

      I’ve had it for 3 years now and have never either washed or reproofed it before, and I’ve not experienced any leaking. Perhaps I’ll just leave it alone 🙂

      Not to worry, btw: I’m not planning to put either fly or inner in the washing machine! Having said that, I did come across a post of Paddy Dillon’s while I was searching for info earlier today, in which he said he chucked an old Tadpole (I think it was) into the machine with the Nikwax Tech-Wash and then the wash in stuff one uses on Paramo, and it came out wonderfully water repellent.

      Thank you!

  7. Gayle says:

    We’re not going through Braemar (scandalous, I know!). All being well, we’ll be at Tarfside on the Monday night, and due to reach Montrose on the Wednesday – but we are sticking around for the bash on Thursday night, so hopefully we’ll see you there.

  8. I’m doing a resupply drop for Darren in Braemar on the Saturday, so I’ll keep an eye out. I should be easy to spot as I’ll be the fattest person in town ;-/

    Oh, and Darren’ll be bouncing around, flashing technology and be trying to get free dinner in return for writing a good review of “The Hungry Highlander” 😉

    • peewiglet says:

      Fantastic! I look forward to seeing you there 🙂 I’ll be the scruffy bugger in a pink Icebreaker top.

  9. “I’ll be the scruffy bugger in a pink Icebreaker top.”

    LOL – I’m sure that describes many lasses that weekend – and some of the men too, if the pink tops were at a discount 😉

    • peewiglet says:

      Hee! Funnily enough, I was just thinking earlier today how good Cesar Milan (the Dog Whisperer) looks in a pink T shirt 🙂

  10. blogpackinglight says:

    Perhaps Duncan could re-brand himself as the Tent Whisperer 😉

  11. Oi … I may wear … hrmph, better not admit to anything more on here and anyone could have made the same mistake in the outdoor shreddy section.

  12. blogpackinglight says:

    Bon voyage et bon chance!

  13. Karl says:

    Sorry to barge in with an unrelated topic, Shirl.
    I’ve just found your hiking blog, and haven’t been able to stop reading 🙂
    Anyway, I saw in your C2C-2007 part that you might be looking for a replacement for your PhD down booties. Don’t even know if you still do, but I thought you might want to know that the Exped Down Booty may be what you’re looking for. The certainly keep my feet toasty in the tent (and elsewhere too for that matter). 🙂
    / Karl

    • peewiglet says:

      Hello Karl,

      I’m so glad you like my hiking blog! Thank you very much for letting me know 🙂

      Many thanks for the tip on the Exped down booties. I’ll certainly check them out. The PhD ones, though, were utterly fabulous on my recent TGO Challenge–my best bit of kit of the whole thing 🙂

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