Challenge finished. Knackered again.

Well, the Challenge is over for another year and I’m still more-or-less in one piece. Phew! Early route planning for the next one has just begun. Can anyone give me a GR for Ben Alder cottage? I can’t spot it on my little Anquet mappy thing.

At 8am this morning I was woken from my first real sleep for more than a fortnight, by the postman. He wanted to deliver the Atmos that I abandoned in Aviemore, in favour of my new Exos. Early exhumation from my snuggly, warm bed was a bit of a blow, but at least I’m up now and that’s no bad thing, as today I have to drive to Birmingham to collect my wee darling, Piglet, and to a cattery much closer to home to reclaim Puss-Puss. Tomorrow I’ll visit my father.

I suppose I should go and make some coffee, and miss another breakfast. At a campsite in Ballater I saw Humphrey boiling up his magnificent Turkish coffee, flavoured with cardamom and, quite possibly, a few even more interesting substances. I plan to write and request the recipe.

The single most exciting event of my whole Challenge was a manic fling around the dancefloor at the Braemar bash with Humphrey, to Blur’s magnificent Song 2. Wow! Thrill to that magnificently growly bass!! Apologies again for breaking your hip, Humph 🙂

Well, Let’s see if I can put up some pictures of my little Piglet.

Piglet in Glencoe at 5 months old, just before her coat was stripped.

Piglet in Glencoe at 5 months old, just before her coat was stripped.

Little Piglet, immediately after her first coat stripping, taking stock of the woods at home.

Little Piglet, immediately after her first coat stripping, taking stock of the woods at home.

Baby Piglet, sleeping on a chair.

Baby Piglet, sleeping on a chair.

Piglet Monster!

Piglet Monster!

13 Responses to Challenge finished. Knackered again.

  1. blogpackinglight says:

    Welcome back, look forward to the write up/podcasts. No pressure ;o) . I’m off to the Cairngorms on Sunday for a five day trek. I’ll miss my dog as well.

  2. peewiglet says:

    Hello Robin!

    I really loved using my tent with your modifications. I haven’t completed them all yet, but the one I really appreciated most was the tensioning of the pole sleeve. I used LineLoks on both sides, as you sugggested, and I found that each evening I needed to re-clip them to get the sleeve straight on the pole, but the instant tensioning was almost magical, and quite fantastic. Many thanks indeed for suggesting it.

    Your Cairngorm trip sounds very exciting. Where are you off to? I’ll go over to your blog and see. Can you not take your wee dog? I’m hoping to take Piglet camping with me very soon now 🙂

  3. Gayle says:

    Will I be shot down for giving the grid reference in a public place? I’ll take my chances (and perhpas you’ll moderate this comment to remove it): it’s at [THIS GR HAS SELF-DESTRUCTED].

    We popped by there last year for a late lunch whilst walking north, but I’d heard the ghost stories so was eager to walk on a way. As it went, the next suitable camping spot was 6 or so miles further on – that was a long day!

    Great to finally meet you at Montrose, and look forward to reading your full write-up of your adventure.

  4. peewiglet says:

    Many thanks, Gayle. I’ve added it to Anquet and will remove it from here.

    It was a real thrill to meet both of you in Montrose. I only wish I’d been a little less ‘tired’ and had realised earlier who you were. Doh…

    I’m looking forward to catching up with your blog of the event, as soon as I’ve collected my puppy 🙂

  5. blogpackinglight says:

    Glad the tent mods worked. I may make a video of them all next week. My little dog is too disobedient. Typical Jack Russell. She’s also quite small, so I reckon she’d be knackered after a day’s walking. Nice idea though. She’s a real cutey! Piglet looks cute as well!

    My route is on my blog. I’ve changed it slightly from the original. The weather forecast is pretty good apart from Monday morning.

  6. Phreerunner says:

    Actually, Benalder Cott is marked on the 1:50000 map, so it’s hardly a secret. A dark place, though, and there’s good camping by the path beside the Alder Burn, if you are happy to pitch on that great soft mattress called ‘heather’!

  7. Phreerunner says:

    PS Health Warning: do not follow either Short or Long Leachars ridges off Ben Alder unless you are a competent and experienced ‘scrambler’.

    PPS Sorry to miss you in Montrose, Shirley – we’ll perhaps bump into you closer to home.

    • peewiglet says:

      Hello there! I was very sorry to miss you. Fingers crossed that we can get together before the next Challenge 🙂

      Thanks for the tip re: Ben Alder, btw. I’m no sort of competent scrambler, so I’ll be following that advice!

  8. Looking forward to your trip report, and it was nice to have met you in Braemar. I hope all is well with the clan and that they milk the re-union for all it is worth 😉

  9. peewiglet says:

    Thanks, Duncan 🙂 It was lovely to meet you at last. Hopefully on a future occasion we can have a proper chat.

  10. Phreerunner says:

    We will try to give Tim and Kate a TGOC ’09 slideshow sometime, and hope you’ll be able to come as well.

    • peewiglet says:

      I’d love to see it, thanks! In fact, Piglet the puppy and I popped in to see Tim and Kate this afternoon, after Piglet was overcome by heat in the sandhills, poor wee mite. She needed a bowl of water. They also treated me to a Kate Special dinner last night 🙂 They’re both looking wonderful ♥

  11. Atmos/Exos ? Ah,I saw a picture of you on someones slideshow,can’t remember whos at the start with an atmos pack. You zoomed past me on Montrose high st. telling me I had a small one 🙂 ,exos pack that is. Did it fail on you the atmos ?

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