Home and back to the music player, whoohoo!!!!

I took music with me on the Challenge, but I walked so much with other peeps this year that I didn’t listen to a lot. I can’t really manage for long without it, though, so this morning I’m indulging myself with a trawl through stuff I really love.

Here are a couple of recordings from YouTube of Joni Mitchell’s indescribably beautiful A Case of You, which really has to be just about the most unutterably lovely non-classical thing I’ve ever heard sung! The line “I am a lonely painter” somehow never fails to bring a wee tear to my eye.

The first one sounds as it normally does, but the second is performed with James Taylor. I love JT’s guitar playing, and so I’ve put it up as it’s unmistakeably him. For me the arrangement loses something of the subtlety and hauntingly wistful qualities of the original, but on the other hand those exquisite little signature JT guitar licky things definitely add something special.

Anyway, here they both are. Sigh…


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