My very own wee pig!

peelham 01

I’m so excited this morning 🙂

Last Saturday Humphrey emailed to alert me to a scheme about to be run by a wonderful farm, not far from where he lives.

Peelham Farm raises organic, free-range rare breed pigs. They’re committed to the ethical and compassionate treatment of the animals in their care, and they produce pork, lamb, mutton and even veal of the highest standard. See their ‘Meat Manifesto’ here.

Anyway, they’ve decided to run a Peelham Own-a-Tamworth (or POAT) club, whereby 12 lucky families can own their own Tamworth pig. In exchange for a contribution towards the cost of caring for the pig, the families can choose a piglet, visit the farm, have fun with like-minded families, follow the piglet’s progress and–ultimately–eat the piggly.

There was a feature about the scheme in The Observer last Sunday, and there’s been massive interest. I was very keen to join in, but it occurred to me that it might be possible to do it a little differently. Maybe I could sponsor a piglet to live out its life happily on the farm without going to market…?

Well, I wrote to the farm and asked, and they wrote straight back to invite me to choose a she piglet (a gilt) to become a breeding sow. I can contribute towards the cost of her care, and visit her. I can meet her piglets when she starts to breed at about 7 months, and she will effectively be mine for the whole of her life (up to 8 years, apparently). I can even choose her little name! (Suggestions welcome, btw.)

This is a real thrill for me 🙂 I love bacon sandwiches and the odd sausage as much as the next person, but I’ve become increasingly distressed by the terrible conditions in which most of the animals that sustain us subsist. Compassionate farming seems to me to be the way forward, and it’s hugely exciting to be able to be involved in this way.

Wee Piglet is also very excited, and has started building a small sty in the garden under the large bush in the corner, even as I type. Puss-Puss is licking her lips and sharpening her tooth. Um…

I’ll keep y’all updated, but in the meantime a thousand thanks to Humph for the tip-off ♥ ♥ ♥

6 Responses to My very own wee pig!

  1. John Hesp says:

    What a great idea! I think we talked about keeping a pig on the Challenge didn’t we (all Challenge talk is of food), but this has all the advantages of keeping a pig without the mud.

    I wouldn’t give her a name If I was you. All those TV programs where they keep pigs warn against giving them names because it then becomes very difficult to turn them into pork. And let’s face it, whilst you’ve got good intentions now, we all know that it’s all to easy to wake up one morning just dying for a bacon butty. Or maybe somebody offers you a pork scratching down the pub and next minute your on the phone to Peelham Farm….



    • peewiglet says:

      Ah, but I’m not going to be eating her! So a name should be okay, I think. (I’m going to have to manage not to keep remembering that all her wee piglets will be turning into bacon sandwiches, though…)

      Pork scratchings? Whassat, then? *g* (Yummy! I’ve had to blank them out… crackling and bacon rind have always been the best bits of pork, for me.)

  2. […] she’s going to be a breeding sow rather than a bacon sandwich. I mentioned all this in a couple of postings some time last […]

  3. Fraser says:

    Great piece, Peelham have updated their website – could you update the three links in the article?

  4. Fraser says:

    Hi, Peewiglet

    Thanks for updating! Most appreciated.

    There’s always more content going up. The about us page did have information about the farm ethos etc but that has been changed recently, and I think separate content is going up similar to the meat manifesto of old.

    A lot of the specific info is on the product pages at the category level.

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