Piglet learns to fetch! (Almost…)

Piglet with Kate and Tim

Piglet with Kate and Tim

For a very bright little puppy, Piglet is surprisingly thick about a few fundamental issues.

At 6.5 months she still poos in the house from time to time, she hasn’t really understood that her teeth hurt my hands when her jaws are clamped together tightly and, until today, she didn’t seem to ‘get’ fetch. I’d throw her a ball on the beach and she’d run after it, and stop it with her paw, but then she’d trot off to investigate a crab. In the garden and our slobbing-around room in the house she’d happily chase toys and run back to me with them, but she didn’t seem to understand that she needed to drop them so that I could throw them again. Hmmm…

Until today, that is! As I was making my salad this evening I threw her little yellow squeaky ball into the garden for her, and a few seconds later I felt something at my foot. When I looked down I saw that she’d retrieved the ball and dropped it for me! I picked it up, took it back to the garden and threw it again, and once again she brought it back! This continued for about 10 minutes.

This evening this feels like a major advance, and next I hope to teach her to retrieve my mobile phone for me, since I’m always losing the bloody thing! It could be that by next week it’ll feel like a pain in the neck as I’m making dinner. On the other hand, it *does* mean I can now get her one of those cunning plastic hurling devices that I see other people using to throw balls on the beach. Ooh! New kit 🙂


2 Responses to Piglet learns to fetch! (Almost…)

  1. paul says:


    Do you keep tabs on the “odd” looks you get when Shouting Piglet on the beach?

    Must be rewarding to have the little fellow be able to Fetch now.

    Did you ever watch Dog borstal? Once they had a Pug that they teached to fetch, it was so funny watching it fetch her favourite pencil case (?)

    • peewiglet says:


      Heheh… I *have* had some odd looks, now you come to mention it 🙂

      I’ve not come across Dog Borstal, but it sounds great! I’ll look out for it, thanks.

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