Mired in TGO write-up, but in the meantime… the Piglet Filez!

Piglet Monster with Dee

Piglet Monster with Dee

Aaagh… I’m bored with all this re-sizing of pictures, and so I’ve spent an hour or so writing up a slightly different aspect of this year’s Challenge 🙂

While I was in Scotland my little 6 months old Border Terrier puppy, Piglet, stayed in Birmingham with my friend Dee, her long-suffering husband, John, and their two Cairn terriers, Blink and Buster.

The plan was that Piglet would stay with Dee and John for all but the last night, and she’d then go with Blink and Buster to the house of Dee’s friend, Chris, as Dee had to travel to France for the weekend to sing with the Deadly Choral Society.

At six months, it was possible that wee Piggly might have her first season while I was away. She was more-or-less house-trained, but at home there was still the occasional accident… Dee and John promised to teach her to kiss my nose–both Buster and Blink can do it–before I got back. (They failed, BTW… *g*)

For a puppy, Piglet’s pretty good at texting (although she still only uses one claw), and so she, Dee and I were able to stay in touch throughout the Challenge, reception permitting. Here are some extracts from our exchanges, just in case there’s anyone else out there who might enjoy them 🙂

(BTW, Dee feels that ‘Scout’ would be a better name for little Piglet. John prefers ‘Dibley’. I generally refer to her as Piglet Monster 🙂

Thursday 7th May — En route to Torridon

Me: How is my wee darling?

Dee: Who? Oh, you mean MY new babe! Dibley-Scout is a happy little bunny! Major prob at feeding time — B&B wanted Burns and PM wanted Bakers! Will feed at separate times tomorrow, or maybe give my two sardines too!

Me: Poor wee Dibley Scout! Pls give her a kiss from me and a wee smack of her little bum (she enjoys that). On train to Strathcarron now. Kissy kissy to B&B.

Thurday 7th May — Arrived at Torridon

Dee: PM now back to being your babe — she keeps weeing on the bath mat — at least it’s in the bathroom. Have you told her she’s an ‘uman beink?

Me: Eep… Sorry about the weeing on the nar…

Me: Oops meant to type something else there. Have been soaked and am now eating chocu kate. I am so tired fell asleep texting you! Kiss for monster xxx

Dee: No probs! She’s probably picked up the habit from you… since you piddle in strange places too! She’s asleep on my feet under the desk! Hope the weather’s not too bad and the mountain range doesn’t scream too much!

Dee: PM says “Night-night Mummy!”

Me: Night-night Piglet xxx

Friday 8th May–Craig

Me: Dear PM I hear you’ve been peeing on the bath mat. Naughty wee monster. I wish to hear of no further such behaviour. If it continues we may need to stop your rusk ration 😦 Mummy sends kiss and cuddle and also for B&B xxx

Piglet: Dear Mummy. I’m trying to be very good. But it’s hard when B&B are leading me astray! I am ingratiating myself with Aunty Dee just like you said–it’s working! Your loving puppy PM xxx

Me: Dearest PM. Mummy sends kiss and a wee smack, feeling sure you’ll benefit from one. Have you stolen all of B&B’s toys yet? I hope you’re eating all your greens and drinking plenty of water. No peeing indoors or else… xxx xxx xxx Mummy xxx xxx xxx

Dee: It’s official–PM loves Buster! It’s an all consuming sexual, passionate longing: Buster, in keeping with most males, doesn’t give a toss! P.S. John’s having a bit of a nervous breakdown… not to worry…

Me: Oh noes! What’s John worrying about? Is it the peeing? Not surprised PM loves Buster: strong silent dog that he is. Um… She’s not in heat is she? Eep…

Dee: Well there is the peeing, and the stealing, and the mess she leaves in her wake from the stealing… but PM loves him. If she has a period I’ll get her some Tampax.

Me: Dearest PM. Try to be a good dog for Aunty Dee and Uncle John and leave Buster’s truncated bits alone. Spend time with Blink. Mummy loves you and will beat you if you don’t behave xxx kissy to Aunty Dee xxx

Sunday 10th May: Cannich

Me: How’s me monster? First reception for 36 hrs. Hope all ok…? xxx

Piglet: Dear Mummy. Having a ball! How do you have safe sex? Will the fact that Buster has no testicles make any difference?

Dee: Where do I begin? But as I text they’re asleep together–snuggled up in the duvet! After sex with Buster her main aim in life is not sleeping in her crate!

Me: Eep… I am horrified but not altogether surprised to hear that PM has taken control of the house. She’s done the same to me: did U imagine the name ‘Piglet Monster’ was a joke? I think U should bannish her to kitchen with crate at night, little monster… xxx Moi

Me: She is precocious monster! *indulgent smirk* Weather amazing. Y/day climbed 2 Munros in snow, sleet and hail. Oh, and rain. Today about 70 degrees. Amazingly beautiful. Too ducking hot! Tonight on camp at Cannich and tomorrow cross Loch Ness. Rain killed camera and MP3 player. Pack uncomfy. Now have Aviemore shops plan 🙂 Hope y’all okay. Eep House tomorrow! xxx

Me: Dear PM. Pls text Aunty Dee’s addy so Mummy can send postcard xxx

Monday 11th May: Erogie

Piglet: Mummy Dearest. Aunty Dee thrashes me at least twice a day. I enjoy the pain–is that so wrong? Can’t stop: going out for tat-tas, which frankly is more enjoyable than texting! Love and kisses xxxx PS: have learned to kiss Uncle John to help with his mental health…

Dee: The doctor said that given time John and I should recover! Buster is leaving home to live with a homeless man and Blink is going to live in a shelter! PM, on the other hand, is absolutely fine… we really don’t mind sleeping in the crate as PM prefers our bed! I have to be careful–PM doesn’t know I’m using the mobile… Bye xxx

Dee: She told me to tell you that I lied… she found the text I’d sent. On the plus side… errr… there is no plus side.

Dee: No! Give me that phone, you little brat! No, catch me if you can, ..aaaggghhh… Hey, these stun guns really work!

Tuesday 12th May: Somewhere in the Monadhliath

Dee: OMG…HOUSE!!! Wilsie’s eye v. nearly and an epi to itself. PM told me to tell you that she’s being a v.g. girl now and everyone loves her!

Me: ZOMG can hardly wait for House! Relieved to hear PM less monstrous now. Will reward her with shorter beating when I get home. Heh… xxx

Wednesday 13th Aviemore

Dee: It says on the news that you’re having blizzards! PM is v. well and wishes to be remembered to you, but then she said, “I haven’t got time to chat, I have to…”

Thursday 14th: Corrour Bothy

Piglet: I love Buster and yesterday and today he has played with me and has hardly growled at me since Aunty Dee thrashed him! Talking about thrashing, I did deserve it…

Piglet: P.S. I do miss you when I have time! However, I’m spending so much time wreaking havoc and causing mayhem that I don’t have much time for anything else… except pooing in the back bedroom. I mentioned the thrashing, didn’t I? Hugs PM xxxx

Sunday 17th May: En route to Ballater

Me: Piggly darling. Mummy misses you and sends a hug and a tickle. Pls say hello to Dee for me and put her phone down. Wet here and exhausting. Ugh.

Tuesday 19th May: Tarfside

Me: ZOMG! This is Piglet’s half-birthday. Born 19th Nov last year. Needs cake!

Dee: PM doesn’t want to be reminded of her age. She just wants to know if she’s old enough to have sex with Buster. I haven’t broken the news about his balls yet–I didn’t want to break her heart!

Wednesday 20th May: North Water Bridge

Me: Penultimate day of walking. Sunny and fun. Met wee Border on hills y/day. Wanted to grab him and take him home for PM, the tart. Kissies to all the wee doglets xxx

Dee: Late walk tonight. It’s been pissing down all day! I wouldn’t call France a holiday–more like a living nightmare! Whoops… Blink got lost in the grass! Panic!

Dee: She’s used to the thrashings now–in fact she may be a masochist! Kitchen is finished…

Thursday 21st May: Montrose

Me: Dear Piglet, darling. See if you can sneak upstairs while Aunty Dee is cooking and watch House for me. Then get train to Montrose and come and tell me all about it. Mummy will give you kiss and gravy bones xxx Mummy xxx

Piglet: Tough shit! I can steal gravy bones anytime the cupboard’s open and I’ve got Buster and Uncle John to kiss! You’ve got to do better than that… I’m savvy to some life skillz now!

Dee: Oh bless… they’re all playing together in the field!

Me: Wee darlings 🙂

Dee: Little ratbags more likely!

Friday 22nd May: Dee now en route to France

Dee: Oh noes… forgot to take mem stick and PM’s collar and lead to Chris’s. House is still on DH and my friend (over the road) will send the lead in the post. Sorry!! Btw… PM settled in at Chris’s without a backward glance!

And that was more-or-less that 🙂 Well, back to the write-up…


5 Responses to Mired in TGO write-up, but in the meantime… the Piglet Filez!

  1. Jugglernick says:

    Hi Peewiglet,

    I’m probably not telling you anything new here, but you mention resizing pictures: If you haven’t come across it there are resizing utilities out there and, if you use that sort of thing, Coreldraw (and others) have a ‘batch processing’ or ‘scripting’ function to apply a set change to a whole group of files.

    Thanks for the blog and also for the backpacking reports, I really enjoy reading them – keeps me sane when I can’t get out!

    • peewiglet says:

      Hello Jugglernick 🙂

      Many thanks indeed for the tip. In fact, I do have that facility in Paint Shop Pro (which is what I use) but the annoying thing is that I need to trim some of the piccies, and I’m adding some captions to others, so I’m afraid I’m just stuck with it. I appreciate the suggestion, though 🙂

      Thank you very much for your kind words about my blog and backpacking reports. I’m always absolutely thrilled to hear that somebody has enjoyed reading something I’ve written ♥

  2. Mango Terrier says:

    My brother Gazza and I swear by The Natural Dog Food Company. 100% natural ingredients! Lamb and Brown Rice or a scrummy Chicken Thang. Everything comes from ethical sources. And they do special puppy scoff too! Wuff! Wuff!

    • Piglet says:

      Dear Mango Terrier!

      I have been trying to get hold of some decent food for months, now! S tried to force me to eat Burns but I hated it, and soon grew wise to the ‘mix it up with sardines’ trick. Heh… S has given up on Burns now and is feeding me something with a really stupid name. Hang on… I will go and check.

      *dish dash dish dash pant*

      Right! It is called James Wellbeloved (*puke*). It’s not bad but I may now hold out for the Natural Dog Food stuff. Many thanks for the tip. I will refuse my breakfast 🙂 Hee…

  3. Dee says:

    I would just like to say that my husband and I are gradually regaining our health and strength. Blink’s nervous twitch is better than it was and Buster has stopped jumping when he hears a car pull up outside…so yes, we all hope to recover…eventually.

    There were some real piglets on the TV tonight and and when I mentioned this fact to John, Blink threw herself to the ground and beat herself with her paws; Buster shook, uncontrollably, for fifteen minutes…and she, who must not be named, LOVED him……

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