Caption competition – 1

andy and colin

Okay, peeps! Can anyone suggest something for this picture of Andy Howell and Colin Ibbotson?

Your reward will be my undying gratitude, and I’ll stick my favourite in my write-up 🙂

14 Responses to Caption competition – 1

  1. John Hesp says:

    Andy and Colin try helium balloons to lighten the load.

  2. So how’s the lightweight backpack?

    Great; so great in fact, I’ve decided to carry these poles all the way across Scotland.

  3. blogpackinglight says:

    My toilet trowel is lighter than yours

    Bet it isn’t

  4. Cosworth says:

    Can I borrow one of those poles?

    Get lost, bring your own.

  5. JH says:

    “And finally Colin, to wrap up this interview, what’s been the highlight of your trip so far?”

    “Oh definitely sneaking my food bag into Peewiglets’s rucksack. Saved 2kg at a stroke.”

    “And the best bit of kit? We always like to talk about kit. I see you’ve got the new Anti Gravity Gear treking poles.”

    “Yes, tied them to the top of my bag to stop them floating away.”

    “And what advice would you give to anybody thinking of doing the Challenge next year?”

    “I would tell them to keep their wisecrack comments to themselves”.

    (With apologies to Andy and Colin.)

    • John Hesp says:

      Later on that day…….

      “And so Shirley, just to wind up, what’s been the highlight for you so far this Challenge?”

      “Oh, definitely finding an extra couple of kg of food in my rucksack which I didn’t even know I’d packed. I made a right pig of myself.”

      (Sorry for cluttering up your blog with nonsense PW) 🙂

  6. duncan says:

    Andy: So, Colin, you have gone to the ultra-ultra lightweight extreme of having your vocal chords removed. Has it made a difference to your daily target?


  7. Alan Rayner says:

    Andy: Do you think Shirl heard me fart then.
    Colin: No, she’s to far behind.

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