Tunes for today :)

I once listened to this tune repeatedly all the way to a meeting of the people I worked with in Manchester, and then said a whole load of things everybody was thinking but nobody else was willing to say in public. Some of them never forgave me. Music! It’s inspiring, dangerous stuff 🙂

This one, on the other hand, I first heard on Wogan way back in something like 1987, only a few months into working at the place I mentioned above. I was utterly transfixed by the beauty of the harmonies and the tune, and spent the whole of the following day on the phone to the BBC and record companies desperately trying to find out where I could get a recording. In the end–and amazingly–it turned out that a dusty little record and tape cassette shop (this was in the days before CDs) at the other end of Deansgate actually had a copy of the album! I almost cried when the proprietor put the cassette in my hand. To this day this recording brings a lump to my throat, and the cassette remains one of my most treasured possessions. I can sing along with it phonetically, although I have no idea what the words mean. Please have a listen to the Trio Bulgarka – it’s phenomenal stuff!

ZOMG, I can’t BELIEVE I’ve found this one on YouTube! This is Elizabethan Serenade by Binge, and I used to pass the time by dancing to this as a tiny, 5 year old child when they played it on BBC television to accompany the Test Card, back in the 1960s!!! Does anyone else remember the Test Card? I used to listen to it all the time as a wee sprog. I never forgot this tune, and when I grew up I searched until I tracked it down and identified it. It’s one of the most beloved tunes of my entire life. And I simply can’t believe I’ve found it on YouTube ♥ ♥ ♥

4 Responses to Tunes for today :)

  1. paul says:

    Test card, Girl drawing on a black board(they still using them on school?) with an odd looking clown.

    Look back It was odd that in the day time there was no programs at all other than for schools. Hmm and look what we have today eek that Kyle bloke! Nuff said.

    Cant imagine what kids would do today without TV programs, only take my niece a few unentertained minutes before we get the “I’m board”

    BTW any jam or chutneys on the go? Look’s to be a good year for Damsons 🙂

    • peewiglet says:

      Hello Paul!

      Ooh, you remember it 🙂 I’m almmost sure that I remember an original test card without the little girl, but I’ve just looked on Wiki and it may be that I’m remembering it that way because our television was then only black and white. My goodness! What a series of little blasts from the past! I wonder how many other little children were introduced to the wonders of beautiful music by the test card.

      It’s certainly difficult to imagine today’s children being amused by the test card. Having said that, if I’d had a video game in those days I’m sure I’d never have emerged from my bedroom 🙂

      Funny you should mention damsons! Yesterday I found some in a farm shop and bought a very big bag. I plan to start with damson jam. Last year’s batch tasted wonderful but had to be hacked out of the jar with a chisel. Hopefully this batch will be a little easier to eat 🙂 Are you planning to make any jams or chutneys?

    • peewiglet says:

      Hey! I’ve found the original test card picture I had in mind 🙂 I’ll have to put it at the top of a new post since I’ve never been able to work out how to get a picture to show up in a reply.

  2. paul says:

    The soon to be damson jam is a bubbling away as I type; recipe from a Mrs D Smith’s book.

    Hehe Damson jam can be as hard as concrete, Just need to boil it less….I’m told.

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