Piglet conquers Borrowdale — too dangerous for Black’s camping shop!

Piglet leads mummy down the hill

Piglet leads mummy down the hill

Didn't something do this in The Excorcist? Uh-oh...

Didn't something do this in The Excorcist? Uh-oh...



Phew! All this waiting around!

Phew! All this waiting around!

Piglet wears mummy's down smock in bed

Piglet wears mummy's down smock in bed

Here’s wee Piglet in Borrowdale last weekend. Aaaaah 🙂

Being the slavering, enormous beastie that she is, I can entirely understand why I’m not allowed to take her into my local Black’s Camping store. Not. Nor are they willing to hold her at the door for a couple of minutes while I try on Wellies for size. Piglet and I will have to purchase my Wellingtons elsewhere, it seems!

Roll on the day when I move to a place where walking shops exist to serve real people who actually want to get out there and walk, rather than people simply looking for a natty new jacket to wear around town. Piglet says “Grrrrr!”, and so do I.

5 Responses to Piglet conquers Borrowdale — too dangerous for Black’s camping shop!

  1. Mango Terrier says:

    Go grrrrl! Wuff! Wuff! Yip! Yip!

  2. Piglet says:

    Thanks, Mango!

    *lick lick*

    *practises a little snarl*

    I have wrapped up a prezzy for you and one for Gazza in exchange for asylum, as discussed. I hope you have the rabbit hole ready, and lined with a down smock… We can sit in it and eat your prezzy, heheheheh…

    *anticipatory burp*

  3. blogpackinglight says:

    Is that a pair of Fastpackers I espy?

    • peewiglet says:

      Hi Robin. Apologies for the delay in responding but I’ve been trying to find out what the blasted things I was wearing are called! It doesn’t seem to give a name on the boots.

      I think it’s them, though. Devoted as I am to trail shoes, I got a case of incipient trench foot on the Dales Way. Fortunately it happened on the last day, because it was so painful the following day that I’m quite sure I wouldn’t have been able to walk on my right foot, had I not absolutely had to. Very weird that it should suddenly strike, like that. They were certainly not the wettest conditions I’ve ever experienced.

      Anyway, it struck me that it might be worth looking out something with a bit of waterproofing now that winter’s coming on. We went to Fisher’s and Alan suggested the Salomon ones he’s wearing. I can’t remember teh name (though you’ll prolly know which ones they are), but they were a little heavy. He then pointed to the Fastpackers and said they were highly recommended by a number of people, including–I think–you 🙂 I tried, they fitted and so some cash changed hands.

      I like them. I have to be careful with any sort of collar at the back because any rubbing–even of a minor sort–irritates my chronic achilles tendonitis. I did actually notice some of that when I got home, as on Monday I found myself walking on the ball of my right foot in the way that I used to have to do each morning, on both feet, when getting out of bed. It calmed down, though, and I’ve been taking the opportunity to wear them on short walks, to try to get used to them.

      Unfortunately the got completely soaked in Borrowdale on the Sunday morning as I had to wade through swollen streams carrying Piglet and gallons of water rushed in above my ankles. I’ve not really had a proper chance to test them yet, then, but I’ll be taking them with my next time I’m out, which I hope will be soon 🙂

  4. blogpackinglight says:

    I love them! I used Superfeet footbeds in Wales which made them even better. As for waterproofness, they are pretty good but you do get damp when they wet out after a couple of hours. Eventually the membrane will break down, but mine are stll fine. Hope they work for you.

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