Frozen Man (plus a wee busk)

One of my favourite James Taylor songs, which means this is one of my favourite *ever* songs.


JT = Acoustic God.

Plus… (I always do this editing thing…) another from the same album: Shed a Little Light. I LOVE this! I remember driving back from the Employment Tribunal in Birmingham about 10 years ago, after a week of trauma in front of a nightmare Employment Judge (or Chairman, as they were called then) to the wedding of two good friends, and listening to this in the sunshine, in my open-topped car. What a blast! A month later I learned that we’d won the case. Quite right too! F*ck the race discriminators 🙂

And another… Ducks in a Row

I wanted to show you Native Son too, but it’s not on YouTube. Sob… Here it is, though, in streaming audio.


2 Responses to Frozen Man (plus a wee busk)

  1. Adam says:

    I went to see James Taylor in London a few years back and he was fantastic!

    • peewiglet says:

      He’s wonderful 🙂

      I’ve seen him several times over here, but he wasn’t travelling with the whole band. I’d like to see him with all of them at some stage.

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