ZOMG! Another culinary treat pour mes gastronauts!

15 September, 2009

nigel slater


Watching the end of a Keith Floyd (*sob*) proggy just now, in preparation for watching my recording of Masterchef: The Professionals, I spotted an advert for what I think is a new series from Nigel Slater!

Nigel is another of my cookery heroes. He doesn’t do a lot of television (and I have to confess that I found (what I think is) his most recent BBC series A Taste of My Life a little insipid), but my kitchen bookshelf is groaning with his wonderful books. Delia, Gordon and Jamie have been banished to a lesser shelf in another room. I enjoyed his piquant autobiography too: Toast — The Story of a Boy’s Hunger.

His original television series was inspiring in its simplicity, and the sheer yumminess of the lovely stuff he produced. When I’m hungry I sometimes get down a couple of his books and just drool at the pictures.

So! I’m extremely excited to learn that Simple Suppers is now on BBC 1 on Wednesdays, at 7.30pm. I missed the first one (WTF?!), but when I’ve drooled over Michel Roux Jr. I’ll go and seek it out on TV on Demand.


Masterchef: The Professionals!

15 September, 2009
God and Shouty

God and Shouty

The best Masterchef of them all, IMO! Don’t miss it!!

(Okay, if you’re reading this you’ve probably missed it. But you can catch up on one of those cunning TV on Demand thingies. DO IT!)

*goes to make a sandwich, secure in the knowledge that my digibox is recording it–I hope*

Piglet gets her own blog!

15 September, 2009
Piglet with her rat

Piglet with her rat

Wee Piggly has started her own blog! Clever wee monster 🙂

It’s here.

Lost tent pegs — aaagh!

15 September, 2009


Just while I’m already whining…

I’ve lost my tent pegs! Where on earth can they be, I wonder? I hate to think of them lying out on some wet and windy hillside, crying in their little bag. If anyone hears tiny weeping noises while out walking in the Scottish Borders then please have a heart, and check the ground for my wee pegs. You’ll recognise them easily, because they’re the slightly bent titanium ones with a coating of dried mud, and they live in a little green Terra Nova peg bag. Poor things.

In the meantime, this provides me with an excuse to buy some new kit 🙂

Illness all round, chez Peewiglet

15 September, 2009


I’m beginning to wonder whether The Sty has fallen foul of some sort of vile lurgy.

1. I spent the whole weekend feeling like death, but I thought it was clearing up yesterday.

2. Last night Piglet sat staring as I ate dinner–begging for a scrap (she didn’t get one)–and then half an hour later she puked 6 times. Yes, folks, that’s *six* times… 3 lots of kibble mixed with carrot (where the hell did it all come from, I wonder? And apparently the old adage about carrots in puke holds good for dogs as well…) and then 3 lots of greenish phegmy-looking gunk. Then she lay down in her little bed and trembled for 30 minutes.

I rang the emergency vet, who advised me to give her no more than 2 tablespoons of ice-cold water, and the same again in an hour or so. She wouldn’t drink at first, but she licked some water rather pathetically off my finger later in the evening. An hour or so after that she dragged herself out of her bed to try to torment the cat–a clear sign of improvement–and this morning she’s 100%.

3. Meanwhile, I now have the one-sided Sore Throat From Hell. I’ve had a sore throat for 10 days, but today it’s so painful that I can barely swallow. Whine… I’ve made an appointment with the GP for later this afternoon, and will have to take my antibiotics (if he prescribes them) up to the Lakes with me this evening, as that’s where Piglet and I are headed, come what may.

Let’s hope the cat hasn’t developed a mysterious wasting illness by the time we get home…

Keith Floyd — Death of a legend

15 September, 2009

I read just now that Keith Floyd died today, and it came as a real shock.

Keith Floyd was the first of the TV chefs that I ever enjoyed watching, and in fact I enjoyed his first couple of series so much that I used to transport my video recorder round the country with me so that I could be absolutely *sure* of recording the episodes. And video recorders were bloody great big things, back in those almost prehistoric days.

RIP, Keith. You brought a lot of joy to many people, as well as (presumably) a lot of unexpected royalties to The Stranglers ♥

Frozen Man (plus a wee busk)

10 September, 2009

One of my favourite James Taylor songs, which means this is one of my favourite *ever* songs.


JT = Acoustic God.

Plus… (I always do this editing thing…) another from the same album: Shed a Little Light. I LOVE this! I remember driving back from the Employment Tribunal in Birmingham about 10 years ago, after a week of trauma in front of a nightmare Employment Judge (or Chairman, as they were called then) to the wedding of two good friends, and listening to this in the sunshine, in my open-topped car. What a blast! A month later I learned that we’d won the case. Quite right too! F*ck the race discriminators 🙂

And another… Ducks in a Row

I wanted to show you Native Son too, but it’s not on YouTube. Sob… Here it is, though, in streaming audio.