Cleaning down sleeping bags and jackets

Wow, it’s expensive! I’ve just rung Classiclean from Harrogate, who are mentioned on the PHD site as doing a good job, but it’s £35 per down sleeping bag (which includes postage). Phew…

I haven’t got a tumble drier so I’m not keen to have a go at home. Does anyone know of anywhere less expensive, but still reliable? I’ve got a smock and a gilet to do as well. And a second sleeping bag, but that can wait as it hasn’t had quite so much contact with my Sheewee…

12 Responses to Cleaning down sleeping bags and jackets

  1. paul says:

    I washed my ME coat at home a year or so back, very scary as down gets VERY heavy when wet. So when hung on the cloths thingy (one of those that spins round) it did look like the arm were about to rip off. The coat did take a day or two before it was dry enough to put in the dryer.

    So maybe you could DIY the washing part, then use say Johnsons the dry cleaners to dry it out.

    I close why eye’s at the sheewee part. Lalalalal I can’t hear you.

    • peewiglet says:

      I’m too much of a wimp to try it myself without a dryer at home, though I applaud anybody bold enough to have a go!

      I close why eye’s at the sheewee part. Lalalalal I can’t hear you.


  2. Trenthamwalker says:

    Recently sent two down bags off to Franklins Sheffield for cleaning.They have done a superb job but price in line with the figures you quoted-In fact its slightly more at £35.50 per bag including postage.

    • peewiglet says:

      Ahaaa! Thanks for the info. Sounds like that’s the going rate, then. Drat… I’ll just have to stump up for it, I reckon.

  3. Paul Lydon says:

    There’s more to washing down sleeping bags than you think. Most have internal baffles to keep the down separated and you can easily rip those apart by mishandling the bag when soaking with water due to all the weight. It’s best to get it done professionally, in my opinion.

    • peewiglet says:

      It’s best to get it done professionally, in my opinion.

      I reckon you’re right. I’d hate to end up with a skinny little bag with a clump of knackered down in one corner!

  4. baz carter says:

    I owned a ME Lightline down jacket that I washed a number of times. As mentioned, down when wet gets VERY heavy so requires careful handling in case stitching gets ripped. Use a washing machine and spin at least three tiimes, a tumbler drier is essential to do the job – if you have a local launderette you could do the clothing yourself.

    Having washed this I would never attempt to wash a sleeping bag. Like you I’m going to have to bite the bullet and get my Rab bag washed professionally.

  5. JJ says:

    You could try:
    in Milnthorpe – just up the road from you.

    I’ve had bags cleaned and bags very successfully upgraded by them – they know what they’re about.


  6. Mark Alvarez says:

    Hi, Shirl. Here’s some info on washing down bags that is recommended by Western Mountaineering, one of the two bes manufacturers of down bags here in the States. I’ve washed down bags with no problems. Hope this helps:

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