Recommend dog-friendly accommodation in Lakes?


Rufty-tufty little backpacking dog as she is, Piglet does enjoy snuggling up at home.

If anybody knows of any dog-friendly accommodation in the Lakes then please mention it here. I can find B&Bs and stuff online, but I’m wondering whether it’s possible for dogs to stay in any hostels or camping barns. I’m also wondering whether peeps know of any walking or climbing clubs that have barns etc up there. I could join if Piglet could stay. It’d be useful to use something like that as a bit of a base for a couple of/a few days. Ideas welcome ♥


2 Responses to Recommend dog-friendly accommodation in Lakes?

  1. try calling the YHA in the Lakes near where you want to be based, officially they don’t. But in the past I have found one or two unofficially turn a blind eye as long as they know in advance and can hide you away 😉

  2. peewiglet says:

    Good tip, Darren–thanks for that 🙂

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