Another blogging/GPS question…


Wow, this is complicated…

Phil and Alan y/day pointed out that it’s not a good idea to rely on one device for both blogging and GPS, and of course I agree with that.

However… I didn’t make clear earlier that I’m taking Quo printouts (and a compass, of course), and only want the mapping GPS as a backup. I wouldn’t be using it all the time: I’d just want to switch it on from time to time to check my position, much as I currently use my little Garmin 315 i.e. just in extremis. (Okay, and maybe for a bit of a play while I get used to the novelty of having it…)

Bearing that in mind, d’y’all think that makes it any more feasible to use just the one device? If not then it currently seems that I’d need to buy, or enter into contracts for, two new devices, and that would be expensive at a time when I’m trying to conserve money. I suppose what I’m really asking about is how much of a hit on the battery would be likely to be involved in using the GPS function in that way.

Hmmm… I’m now spending more time agonising over gadgets than I am plotting routes! Doh…


3 Responses to Another blogging/GPS question…

  1. BG! says:

    Hi PW!

    Sorry I missed the original conversation – I’ll chip in with my twopenn’orth here instead.

    I’ve been running MemoryMap on my O2 Xda Orbit mobile for a long time now and it’s not let me down yet. With the phone on and using the GPS only when I need it, I can get about three days out of a fully-charged standard battery. If I turn the phone bit off (flight-mode) and just use either function whenever the need arises, I can get more than a week out of it. Regarding extended batteries, I’d take a spare standard one rather than use an extended capacity battery. That way, if one of the batteries goes into meltdown, the other can still be used. It’s an eggs-in-one-basket thing.

    The Orbit runs Windows Mobile so it has Word, Excel etc, There’s no separate keyboard though – you get a tappyscreen thing instead but it’s quite good and easy to use. Better than that, though, is the Transcriber – you just use the stylus to “write” on the screen, and it converts your scrawl to text for you (after it’s learned your handwriting).

    The other main benefit is that it charges via a small USB socket, so a quick recharge off any suitable computer (internet cafe?) is a doddle and there’s no faffing with mains adaptors in foreign parts.

    I still take the odd printout map if the terrain/route is difficult or unfamiliar, but I no longer use the Garmin Geko 201, and never take maps the size of blankets.

    Hope that helps.


    • peewiglet says:

      Hi Stef,

      Very helpful, thank you ♥

      That’s an excellent battery life (i.e. the turn them both off when not needed one of over a week), and the USB charge sounds great as well.

      Transcriber, eh? I’ve got an old Palm something with which I once tried that, but I didn’t persist long enough for it to get the hang of my writing. You’ve found it good on your Orbit, though?

      Hmmm! I’ll go and look it up. Thanks again 🙂

  2. John Hesp says:

    It is a puzzle isn’t it? I think I’d have got something ages ago if it weren’t such a minefield with no obvious best device for my purpose.

    Following on from BG’s comment, what about the MWg Zinc II, no contract, £170:

    plus three or four batteries £11 each:

    I think the MWg Zinc II (where do they get these names from?) is similar to the o2 XDA:

    & £200 isn’t such a big loss if it proves to be pants.

    But there’s lot’s of other phone/GPSs:

    How useless can the Portege G910 be for £109? Even if you just used it as a GPS? although I must say the keyboard almost looks like a proper keyboard.


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