Finally got the phone! HTC TyTN II



Phew! After all that faff and angst I’ve finally got a phone!

I decided to upgrade my current monthly Vodafone contract to include internet access (it comes with 100 minutes, 500 texts and 500MB data for £15pm) and buy a used phone that I can use for both blogging and GPS. I know that’s not the ideal solution–2 devices would be better, for the reasons people have given–but at the moment I can’t really afford to buy two, so one will have to do. I’ll just have to get a couple of spare batteries and be careful about how often I use it.

Having made those decisions I fondly imagined that actually choosing the phone would be relatively simple. Ha! It wasn’t, because my requirements were so specific (GPS, Windows Mobile (necessary for Quo), QWERTY keypad (ideally a sliding one) and touch-sensitive screen (also necessary for Quo)) that it was very difficult to find phones that would fit the bill.

I’d have gone for Alan‘s Nokia N97, but that uses the Symbian operating system and so I wouldn’t have been able to use my recently acquired Quo maps. I also loved the little Blackberry Curve that Martin and Gayle are using, but again I had to drop the idea once I’d decided that I needed to be able to use the device for GPS with my Quo maps. I almost went for the MWg Zinc II (thanks, John, for that suggestion–it was a good one), but I read a couple of negative reviews about the keypad, and knew it would annoy me every time I used it. And finally, I also very much liked the HTC Touch Pro that Colin is currently using, but I couldn’t find a used one in good condition at a price that I felt I could afford.

In desperation I started searching through Ebay to try to see everything currently available, and late in the day I came across the HTC TyTN II.

This phone looks very similar to Alan’s Nokia N97, and almost every review I read was glowing in its terms. Colin spotted some warnings on the internet about problems with 3G, but it sounded as though that wasn’t likely to affect me on top of a hill and so I decided to go for it anyway. The phone’s very expensive new, but there were quite a few good sounding used ones on Ebay and in the end I bought one of those.

Much kudos to the Ebay seller, I bought it at 4.50pm yesterday, paid £2 extra for Special Delivery and sent the seller an email to explain that I’m in a hurry because I need to try to learn how to use it before I go walking. He somehow managed to catch the afternoon post, and the phone arrived with the post man at about 10.30 this morning! Quite fantastic service!

I was concerned that I mightn’t be able to get the internet to work, and indeed initially it failed to connect. I rang Vodafone, though, and they emailed me a .pdf with instructions on how to set it up. I followed them and it connected immediately. Amazing! *g* So! Now I just need to learn how to use it.

Many thanks again to all of you who helped with advice and suggestions, both on here and on the phone. Every suggestion and piece of advice was very much appreciated, as were also the hints to stop faffing around and make a decision *g* Darren taught me more about how all this blogging stuff works in the course of a telephone call than I’d thought it was possible to know *g*, and Colin showed enormous patience yesterday, dragging himself away from his sewing machine several times to field a series of increasingly frantic phone calls requesting information about his HTC Touch Pro, and whether X, Y and Z phones were likely to fit the bill. I’d never have believed how difficult it was going to be to choose a blogging device. If it doesn’t work then rest assured I’ll blame you *g*


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