New phone – ongoing progress report


Right. So far I’ve:

1. Got a working internet connection.
2. Installed Opera.
3. Worked out how to answer a phone call.

Now it’s time to take Piglet for a walk.

4. Posted a comment to Alan’s blog.
5. Done a hard reset and reinstalled Opera and the internet settings. Doh…
6. Sent a text. Had it received. Received one at this end too.
7. Installed ActiveSync, moved some files across and selected my Babe ringtone.

Spent some happy time searching through my YouTube favourites and posting a few of them to my blog *g*

Made pizza. Slept. Eaten bran and raisin muffins. Yum!

8. Uninstalled Mini Opera 5 Beta and replaced it with Mini Opera 4.1
9. Found, installed and set up MoBlog. (Thanks, Darren ♥)
10. Posted text.
11. Posted pictures. Eventually managed to get them the right way round!

Time to walk Piglet again. She was berserk in the woods last night! Must get some more BBC podcasts first.

12. Created email address for use exclusively with phone.
13. Set up email on the phone, and tested it. Working!

Had dinner (chicken, new potatoes and salad), watched Masterchef: The Professionals. Slept.

14. Installed Quo mapping.
15. Exported map of home area to the mobile.
16. Learning how to use Quo on the mobby. It’s great!


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