Masterchef: The Professionals–exciting stuff!


I really love this, and I’ve been following it avidly thus far.

For me, 4 of them have stood out so far. Marianne, who seemed to me to be on a completely different planet in terms of cooking skillz from all the other contestants, until last week; the French chap, whose name I can’t remember; the (IMO) rather arrogant young bloke who won a major competition last year, and wee Gavroche 🙂

I was relieved, but not surprised, to see Marianne go through to the Finals this evening. It’ll be interesting to see how they pair the others up for the remaining knock-out rounds. I’m hoping that none of the peeps I’ve mentioned above will be battling against each other, but I suppose it would be surprising if none of them were.

Who would I like to win? Well, I suppose it depends on how things go. At the moment, though, my heart’s equally divided between Marianne and Gavroche.

Who would my money be on for the title? As things stand ATM, the rather arrogant young bloke looks to me like the front runner. I’m putting my money on Gavroche, though: I reckon there’s a hint of real inspiration to him. I only hope he doesn’t come up against the young bloke in a semi-final, and get knocked out.

*goes off to bite crubeens anxiously*


9 Responses to Masterchef: The Professionals–exciting stuff!

  1. alan.sloman says:

    I reckon the big loser is Greg Wallace and the big winner Monsieur Roux.

    • peewiglet says:

      Ooh, definitely!

      M.Roux is teh sexy 🙂 I love the way he always manages to say what he thinks, whilst at the same time almost always managing to find something kind and constructive to go with it. (And he’s teh sexy. Did I mention that?)

      Greg Wallace… isn’t/doesn’t/IS DESTROYING MY EARDRUMS!

  2. Laura says:

    Just watched yesterday’s episode on iplayer. Well done Maryann!
    Best thing about this programme is M.Roux and that ‘thing’ he does with his eyes!!!

  3. alan.sloman says:

    “is M.Roux and that ‘thing’ he does with his eyes!!!”

    Girls – Calm down now – So, what is that thing he does with his eyes, then?

  4. Laura says:

    That would be telling!

  5. Andy Howell says:


    1. Ludo (the Frenchie)
    2. Marianne
    3. That arrogant young chef of the year.

    • peewiglet says:

      Ludo! That’s it 🙂

      You don’t rate Gavroche, then? I know he failed to finish two of his courses in the Quarter Final, but when he got it right it was truly special, I thought.

      I was beginning to despair of seeing anyone to rival Marianne until a week or so ago, when suddenly we got a few more tres talented peeps. Ludo is very endearing, and I love Marianne too. And Gavroche. Just not the arrogant young bloke: Too Cool to Smile always turns me off. He’s clearly very talented, though.

      Ooh! Not long now until tonight’s episode. Must go and make dinner. Pizza again, tonight. I’ve been making my own dough: it’s easy, and lovely.

      (Guy (Snape–guitar–you know him, right?) gave me some great tips re: bread. Did you know he has a bread making website? See him on Twitter and on the web.)

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