Learning to use Quo Mapping on my phone


I installed the programme this morning, and now I’m learning how to use it on the mobile.

I made an immediate cockup, I think, by misreading a code that I needed in order to transfer my map of the Lakes across, and now the map won’t load on the mobile. I’ll find a way to uninstall it, though, and do it again properly.

I’ve transferred a map of where I live, though, and it seems to be working! Even though I’m sitting inside at the computer, the mobile has found me the map and is monitoring my position. I am a green dot. I had no idea! *g*

The little programme seems brilliant. One of the things I’ve rarely used a GPS for, but would love to be able to do, is to set a waypoint representing where I need to be and then use the GPS to walk to it. I think I’ve only used that once with my little Garmin, when I was walking in the dark across a very foggy moor and couldn’t see the path. In desperation I worked out the GR of the junction of the path and the road, told the GPS to take me there and basically followed the arrow (naturally avoiding cliffs and other dangerous things along the way. I mention this for those GPS sceptics who believe that all GPS users will blindly follow a straight line on the ground and drop to their deaths from the nearest cliff *g*). It worked perfectly, and here I still am to tell the tale!

It’s much easier with a little map, though, because I don’t have to faff around taking a GR off the map (easy to do accurately when warm and safe: easy to mess up when cold, lost, stressed and alone in the hills) and transferring it manually to the GPS: I can simply tap the place I want to go to with the stylus in order to create a waypoint, and then walk to it. For a not-very-good navigator like me, that’s a major asset to have in reserve for those rare occasions when I need it. Hurrah for GPS and digital mapping technology! 😉

3 Responses to Learning to use Quo Mapping on my phone

  1. Laura says:

    Sounds like it’s going well – looking forward to bumping (not literally of course) into you on the Challenge next year. Keeping my fingers crossed I get on again. Although I’m also beginning to think what I could do if I don’t. Southern Upland Way? GR 5 in France?

    • peewiglet says:

      Ooh, that reminds me that I’ve not yet sent off my application! Daily I remember I’ve not done it, but daily I forget to post… I must do it tomorrow.

      I very much hope to see you again there 🙂 It’s funny to think that Piglet will be 18 months old when the next Chally comes round. I’m not sure how I’ll manage to bring myself to leave her behind, if I get in.

      *lifts her onto my knee for a cuddly love*

      GR5? That sounds fantastic! Is it 3 months? Wow… I’m green with envy! I have my heart set on a long walk in France. And just think! Piglet would be allowed into the restaurants, and wouldn’t be treated like a mini diseasemobile… *g*

  2. alan.sloman says:

    I do like the idea of just tapping the screen and it telling you the way to go. I have never used the ‘get me to here’ function (or whatever it is called) on my GPS because it would have meant having to read the instructions on the thing and I hate using kit that needs instructions – especially electronic stuff as it always seems to be written by a Chinese person with a degree in micro-electronics who hates you.
    So something simple like tapping a screen to find out which way to go does appeal…

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