Piglet gets a softshell!

Piggly in Ruffwear Cloud Chaser softshell, and Huurta padded harness

Piggly in Ruffwear Cloud Chaser softshell, and Huurta padded harness

Although Piggly has a nice Equafleece tankie for bombing around in cold, wet weather, I was a little concerned that it mightn’t be enough to protect her should the weather turn truly foul.

I was also keen to get her a harness, partly so’s not to be pulling on her soft little neck, and partly because it’d be very helfpul to be able to lift her easily over streams and up scrambly things.

Anyway, I drove over to Camddwr Canine, today, in Wales, and now she’s kitted out in lovely comfy things to keep her warm, dry and safe. She chose a Ruffwear Cloud Chaser Softshell, and a Hurtta padded harness.

She seems to have good taste in kit. I haven’t seen any other dogs wearing softshells on the hills… *g*


8 Responses to Piglet gets a softshell!

  1. kateC says:

    brilliant! i didn’t even know such things existed. won’t be long before she’s demanding a full layering system 😉

    • peewiglet says:

      Heh… I didn’t realise they existed either! Once I realised they did, though, Piglet just had to have one *g*

      Shhhhhhhhhhh! re: the full layering system. She reads this blog, y’know!

      *goes off to hide the debit card*

  2. Phil says:

    Hey! That wee doggie has got more kit than I have!

  3. alan.sloman says:

    “More than me too!”

    Hmmmm – not sure about that, coming from the Queen of Gear Monstership!

    Little Piggly does look very dashing though…

    • Piglet Monster says:

      Quite right! I am *extremely* dashing!

      I’m about to dash around the block, now, as I’ve refused to poo in the garden this morning because I don’t like getting my paws wet on the grass, first thing. Heh…

  4. baz carter says:

    The harness is a great idea for helping Piggly over walls and styles. I think I might treat Harry to one 🙂

    • Piglet Monster says:

      Woof! Harry should have one immediately. I find the padded Hurtta one very comfortable. I wanted it in red but they didn’t have any.


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