A bit frustrating…


This is a bit frustrating…

I thought it would be helpful to mark all the Ws on a paper map (well, the BMC 1:40k map, actually), so that I can see the whole thing. When I came to do so, though, I found that the area covered isn’t large enough to include all the Northern, North Western or Western ones. A quick scan at the 4 1:25ks showed that they were just the same.

It’s not a problem, because I’ll just print out the extra bits from Quo and laminate them. Still, though. You’d think the map makers might have borne my needs in mind when they were producing the maps, eh? Tsk, tsk…


4 Responses to A bit frustrating…

  1. It’s a cunning plan on the part of the map producers, PW, to omit some of the best bits of the area – those quiet spots with fine views to central lakeland, quaint country pubs and even the odd fine gallery – leaving these idylls for the more discerning traveller, of whom you are no doubt one.
    The 1:40000 BMC map of Snowdonia has similar ‘merits’!

  2. alan.sloman says:

    “Especially about those quaint country pubs.”
    I can vouch for that – had to drag them away from the pubs to get her to nip up a hill or two…

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