Quo — Major Niggle


The more I use Quo, the more I like it.

However, there’s a major drawback, IMO, which is that–incredibly–it doesn’t come with a Help file. There’s a User Forum where it’s possible to read basic User Guides, and ask questions, and it’s also possible to ring the Helpline and ask for guidance, but naturally the Helpline isn’t available 24/7, they don’t know the answers to all the questions and it’s very annoying to have to wait for answers on the Forum, even though they tend to be good ones when they arrive.

It’s hard to believe that a product that purports to be a major competitor in the digital mapping field doesn’t come with a Help file. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever used *any* significant application, of any sort, that didn’t come with one before. I really hope they plan to bring one out, but it’s looking to me as though maybe they think they can get by without one 😦

4 Responses to Quo — Major Niggle

  1. alan.sloman says:

    When I upgraded from the original Vintage edition of Anquet to the modern version it was an absolute nightmare – Anquet were incredibly unhelpful and it was only the threat of me turnng up and sitting on some bloke’s desk with my laptop that forced them eventually to admit that there was a major flaw in the product that they had sold me and put it right!

    These mapping companies are complete b4st4rds – a bit like Micro$oft – they send out products and wait for all the bugs to be found by the users until they put them right…

    Phew! I am gald I got that off my chest. (I am sure you are too?)

    When you finally get the stuff to work though – it is quite handy…

    • Piglet says:

      I’d forgotten that Anquet doesn’t come with instructions either. What on earth are they playing at, I wonder?

      I always found them a very awkward company to deal with. I remember back in 2005 the kerfuffle with teh upgrade they brought out, when in addition to charging quite a lot of money for the new upgrade they required upgrading users to (i) uninstall the product from their computers, and (ii) return the origial disks via snail mail. They then had to sit around without the use of the product they’d already purchased until Anquet sent out the new disks. Absolutely farcical!

      It was at that stage that I stopped buying Anquet products.

  2. Gayle says:

    I was going to (rather succinctly, for me) say that Anquet doesn’t come with instructions either. But I see that Mr. Sloman has already conveyed that there’s more than one mapping package out there that’s lacking.

    At least Quo does have the forum which managed to answer all of my questions (but then, in my opinion, Quo is rather lacking in intuitiveness* in many areas).

    (*not entirely sure that that’s a word, but you know what I mean)

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