Mixed fortunes

Well, it’s been a day of mixed fortunes.

P and I started out this morning at about 10am, a bit lte But a consequence of staying in B B and waiting 4 breakfast. I’d planned about 10 Ws but our day was truncated by the need to go to Ambleside and collect my down trousers before we start camping. We therefore did 4 hills and dropped down mid afternoon.

I got the trousers and we returned by bus. P was shivering, wee lamb, so as soon as we got in I fed her and took her out 4 a poo, and then she settled down on bed with chew and TV as I went into village to meet Martin Banfield and 2 challengers. It was lovely to see them, but eventually I had 2 go to check P and watch MTPs.

I thought I’d missed most of it (!) but it turned out that I’d only missed a couple of mins. I note in psssing that Marianne played another blinder…

I eventually unpacked my down trousers, only 2 find they’re te wrong size Doh. will have



2 Responses to Mixed fortunes

  1. Good to see you PW. My day in the Lakes passed all too quickly. I was sorry not to be staying, despite the uncertain weather. FYI (I know you have a problem with names – am impressed you remembered mine) our companions at the Red Lion were Brummie Dave, and Susan – who’s over from Connecticut for a couple of weeks.
    Enjoy your travails, and I hope to be able to join you for a day in a couple of weeks.

    • peewiglet says:

      Thanks Martin. There’s a limit even to *my* lack of facility with names! I couln’t poss have forgotten yours. Your face, on the other hand… I was worrying about that until u said hello *g*

      Hope to see u again in few weeks.

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