A day of ups and downs: none of them mountainous

Woke to Lovely day but worried about down trouser delivery. However, was told there would be someone in so P and I went out.

Yersterday’s experience w. GPS dying fast persuaded me that I needed a dedicated GPS so I went to see what was available. It was maddening since my excellent Garmin Geko 315 is in a drawer at home. Still: new kit…

I bought the Garmin, and 2 blokes at Cotswold in Grasmere tried much harder than I had a right to expect to help me download and transfer a set of Wainwright waypoints. We failed, but that was mainly because Gamin don’t include the drivers in the box. Doh… Endless thanks to the 2 lovely blokes at Cotswold, Grasmere. I’ve never encountered such helpful people in a walking shop.

Back to BB and started marking up new 1:25s. As I was doing that BB owner knocked on door 2 tell me my parcel hadn’t arrivred. Several frantic phone calls later (plus email intervention from Sloman since mine isn’t working) I had a call from PHD to say they’d defo been posted. By 5pm I’d written them off as a casualty of the postal strike but they arrived at 6pm as I was leaving 4 dinner. Hurrah‚ and thank you PHD!

MTP final tonight…Eep! I′ve stocked up on crisps despite excellent dinner at the Jumble Room. Mmmmmm…

Big thanks to Alan, Colin and Darren 4 helping me today w. my GPS and trouser problems 🙂


4 Responses to A day of ups and downs: none of them mountainous

  1. Mango Terrier says:

    Go Grrrll! We’re rooting 4U! Glad U’ve split the GPS and other thingy. I am coming into season shortly so will have my mind on other things, heh heh. I have a cute Australian Terrier (same as me) lined up and we are going up to the Border Fence on Sunday for a bimble. We reckoned that Steve deserved to win, but loved that they were all so supportive. Michel Roux is God! Big grrrs 2 Heroic Piglet. Mango + Gazza

    • peewiglet says:

      Grrrrr! Posting from VC’s phone while she stares at map and cries.

      Good luck with yr seasonal bimble this weekend! I too am coming into season. Wasn’t due til Dec but ho hum… I like to keep VC on toes 🙂

      We were v sad for Marianne but we too felt that Steve deserved it. Damn…

      Pls kiss Gazza 4 me. Lick 4 M and M too. I must go now as have to bite VC while her back is turned. May also pee in corner heh…


      Piglet xxx

      p.s. tourists stopped VC today to ask 4 photo with me! Will expect a royalty.

  2. alan.sloman says:

    Yo Steve! The Chef won! But, by ‘eck! They can all come and cook for me, anytime they like!

    Glad to see your strides arrived, ol’ thing. A gurl can never have enough strides.

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