Going well

We had quite An exciting day yesterday. Forecast grim so we aimed 4 Tarn Crag above Easedale and planned 2 take it from there.

A steep haul got us up and then we dropped down to Codale Tarn. From there we went up towards Sergeant Man but soon walked into the clag. Visibility was almost nil and I needed the GPS to confirm we’d arrived. I was in 2 minds about continuing to High Raise because I could hardly see the hand in front of my face and battery on the phone was dead‚ so no GPS. Eventually we went on‚ but there eere some anxious moments until eventually the trig point loomed up in the mist.

Rview of map suggested best way down was 2 retrace our steps. Very slippery underfoot: almos fell several times. Got down in end though and popped 2 Rd Lion 4 celebratory drink.

I got P a can of sardines 2 go with her kibble. She was tired but it’s hard 2 judge her energy levels at times‚ so we”l have a shorter day today.

beautiful morning. PHD have come up trumps and are delivering replacement down pants today so I’ll post te other back.

MTP quite tense last night I thought. GO MARIANNE for the Final tonight!


6 Responses to Going well

  1. kateC says:

    good navigating! i can’t believe that you’ve got me hooked on master chef!!!

  2. Laura says:

    I thought M was looking a bit frazzled last night – hope it was just a blip – big final tonight – fingers crossed!

  3. alan.sloman says:

    I think Marianne slipped back a notch last night and the two boys are closing on the rails.

    It will be interesting tonight! Is Marianne a ‘Masterchef’ or a ‘MasterCook’? There’s the thing…

    Bit of a better weather forcast for you today Shirl. Go steady!

  4. blogpackinglight says:

    Hope the weather improves. Let me know if you want to meet next week.

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