Tragedy!!! *sniffle*

Oh noes!

Much as it pains me to say it, I did think Steve deserved to win. He had a creative edge that M didn’t quite match.


I thought the sob story to gain audierce sympathy part was unnecessary and a bit tacky but I suppose it’s compulsory in TV these days.

Good luck to all 3 of them (but particularly to M heh… )

5 Responses to Tragedy!!! *sniffle*

  1. alan.sloman says:

    It’ll be fascinating to see where all three end up in a few years time – will this telly programme have ‘“changed their lives”?

    Good luck today

  2. Laura says:

    I have to agree with you – I do think Steve deserved to win – M just seemed to lose confidence this week – and Daniel was so stressed the end was inevitable. Good programme though.
    The sky here is still loaded with something grey and heavy – I hope it’s better in the Lake District. Have a good day today.

  3. Gordy says:

    I was watching most of the episodes on replay a day behind. I can stop avoiding your blog now that it’s all over.

    Best chef won.

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