Alice In Wonderland strikes Cumbria

Well finally I’m writing from my tent up in the hills. P is snuggled into her fleece suit lying on her down gilet and wrapped in my down smock. How come she always ends up with my down smock?

I’m going to tell u an impossible story now. I can’t believe it, anyway.

some of u may remember that I decided to order a paired Of expensive down trousers. The makers very kindly agreed to make them in time 4 my Lakes trip, which was v. Much appreciated. Unfortunately, when I collected them from the PO in Ambleside they’d accidentally sent me a size large rather than the medium I ordered.

I rang. It’s not easy to get through on the phone sometimes, but finally they rang me back. They apologised and arranged to send a M to my BB yesterday. The package arrived just as I was going out to dinner–I’d thought it mightn’t be coming as it was then 6pm–but I was delighted to get them.

After dinner I opened the package and the label said M. I was relieved. When I tried them on they seemed a bit big but I was dashing to bed by then, so this morning I packed them up and set off.

30 mins ago I unpacked them and put them on. This timed they really did seem big but I realised I had them on back to front and thought maybe it wa jus the bum That was large. As I wriggled out of them‚ though, the internal label caught my eye, and yes: you’ve guessed it. They’ve sent me another Large.

it’s hard 4 me to believe they could do this twice, accidentally. I’ll have to wear them as it’s cold and I brought my lighter sleeping bag because I knew I’d have the trousers. Naturally it’s Friday now, so I won’t be able to contact them until Monday. Unbelievable…
And then I’ll prolly listen to audiobook, as I had no room 4 a real one. Oh, and I need to check map re tomorrow.

I hope you’RE ALL having fun!
other than that it’s been a good day. I was relieved to learn that I can still carry a 15kg+ pack: I think the last time I carried so muc weight was prolly on the Pennine Way. It wasn’t too bad, though.

P got very wet, and shivered for some time after I’d settled her in the tent. I made her kibble up with warm water, though, and fed it to her by hand after she’d lapped up the juice‚ and that semed to make her feel better 🙂

I‛m going to make soup soon and eat a sandwich (coleslaw in white roll–yum!)

5 Responses to Alice In Wonderland strikes Cumbria

  1. peewiglet says:

    Oops… Blogger scrambled that a bit. the words are there but not in the right order. perhaps there could be a prize 4working out what I meant 🙂

  2. Trenthamwalker says:

    Hi Shirl,really enjoying reading about your trip.My own experiences with PHD are not good.I think it may have been back in 2007 or 2008 that I ordered a PHD Minimus bag with the lighter black outer fabric instead of the usual red fabric .When the bag arrived it said Minum Ultra on the label and was obviously the new lightweight bag which they had recently introduced and not the Minimus.After much deliberation,I decided to keep it for Summer use and PHD made an appropriate refund to my credit Card.Earlier this year I decided to order once again a Minimus but asked them to add a short zip.Yes you’ve guessed correctly-It came with no zip-Maybe third time lucky!!!

  3. alan.sloman says:


    Am on the case – have sent PHD an email asking for a medium pair. They should be better than this!

  4. peewiglet says:

    Hi both of you, and thanks. THW–LET’S hope 3rd time lucky 4 both of us 🙂

  5. Andy Howell says:

    Ah the pleasures of PHD. Great design. Great kit. Completely weird shop!

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