3 in a bed i Grasmere…

This is the way to do it! Lord Elpus and I braved a closed M6 and bowled through the Trough of Bowland to finaly make the Lakes by late afternoon. We hooked up with the amazing Heather Rhodes to be treated with tea and cakes and a quick treatise in the biomechanics of the hominid.

You see, this is an educational blog this morning as I have hijacked Shirls blog. (now you wil see her readership tumble) Ooh, you probably need to know that its Alan who is writing this…

Anyway, Heather is half of the team behhind ‘Pacerpoles’ and we were dropping off essential suplies for Shirl who was having an incredibly tough day trying to buy a replacement lead for Piglet who had chewed through her old one in a last gasp desperate bid for freedom. It has to be said that when we did eventually catch up with Wiggly she was very happily ensconsed at the Royal Oak, having already having treated herself at the in at Skelwith Bridge.

She seemed to be in good spirits…

After supper at the Unicorn we eventually found our way to three in a room in Grasmere, where we are now enjoying breakfast before heading off into the hills…

3 Responses to 3 in a bed i Grasmere…

  1. Andy Howell says:

    Heather is ‘always’ in good spirits 🙂

  2. alan.sloman says:

    Just a quick update – Shirl is now the proud owner of a new rucksack which she needed to replace the failed Osprey Atmos (the zip broke irretrievably). George Fishers at Keswick were wonderfully helpful.

    lord Elpus and I left her ensconsed in a nice room at Skelwith Bridge yesterday evening trying to repack everything into the new sack. Piglet & Shirl are both fine.

    Phone reception is incredibly poor in the Lakes but I am sure we will all hear more when she can get a signal again.

    Unfortunately I have driven all the way home to discover that I had Shirl’s camera in the boot of the car – so I need to get that back to her straight away.

  3. Trenthamwalker says:

    Hi Al,All being well,I hope to arrive in the Lakes early on Saturday morning.I am planning on 2 nights camping with a third night either B & B or at Broadrayne Farm Hostel in Grasmere.I have E Mailed Shirl to see if there is anything in the way of supplies which I can transport to her but in view of poor phone reception,I’m not sure if she will receive my message.Anyway,after meeting up with you in 2007 and Mick and Gayle last year,I’m thinking of changing my name to Blog Stalker!!!! Best wishes JEFF

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