Grim in Coniston

We’re back in C after a miserable 24 hrs in the hills. Thick clag with virtually nil vis.

Camped on Wetherlam last night. Was a bog by morning but Akto responded with characteristic fortitude to high winds. Had hoped 4 better this morning but was disappointed.

Worst of it is that cuff round front legs of P’s coat has rubbed big patches of fur away, leaving angry-looking bare pink patches, which P licks at every opportunity. Had hoped 4 vet here but out of luck.Thinking of getting bus to Windermere to seek vet there.

Not sure what our next move is. P tries to get into cars and run into open buildings. I know she enjoys some of it but can she cope with another 6 weeks or more? Can I? Unless weather improves our progress will be painfully slow. I can cut the cuffs off her coat, but not sure what to do 4 the best.

Options seem to be:

1. Continue along Joss Naylor route. Not ideal as his days were so long that there aren’t many descents to villages.

2. Try to follow the 36 (?) routes in Walking the Wainwrights, which might involve buses from route to route.

3. Go home.

Unsure of best course :{

25 Responses to Grim in Coniston

  1. Phil says:

    Days are getting shorter, weather poor & Piglet has developed bald sore patches.

    I’d go for option 3.

    The hills will still be there in the spring, when the weather is (hopefully) generally improving & the days are getting longer. Hillwalking is supposed to be enjoyable you know – well, at least some of the time 😉

    There – that’s my 2p’s worth.

    (note to Piglet – that’s 2 kilos of kibbles you owe me!)

  2. JJ says:

    A compromise?

    1)Get Piglet repaired in Windermere
    2)Rest for a couple of days
    3)Continue until weather turns dire / days become too short
    THEN go home, aiming to continue in the Spring.


  3. Phil says:

    Clever chap that JJ. My wimpish tendencies are exposed! Alan will tell you what my motto in life is….:-)

  4. Mango Terrier says:

    Wuff wuff! Angry-looking patches look like no fun, and as a terrier myself I’m sending warm lix 2 Piglet. It’s no fun losing fur, and I’d be worried that the healing process could be compromised by wet weather and tiredness. Also, we dogz – even Pavlov’s – quickly make associations. And the last thing I’d want is to associate mountainy tromps with – ugh – absecesses (shudders). My brother and I say – well done and now go home and snuggle by the fire! Also … Philomena is expecting you on November 14th for a POAT celebration! (Gawd knows what random readers of yr blog make of all this). Keep those tails up! xx Mango

  5. peewiglet says:

    Phil–wise words, thanks. Fun has been thin on ground it’s fair to say.

    JJ–more wise words thanks. will defo take P to vet. Can hear her licking as I write.

    Mango–you’re absolutely right. P still licking but barking agreement too. Think that about sums it up. Plus P doesn’t want to miss Philomena. She’s already missing Puss Puss. Think we’ll prolly head home tomorrow.

    Piglet writes: Thanks to all for setting VC straight. Phil–That suggestion with te sticking plaster worked like treat. Fur came out in clump! Heh… *lick lick*

    xxxxx ♥ from both of us xxxxx

  6. Mango Terrier says:

    Go Grrrrll!

  7. David A says:

    Just dropping in on all this drama to say ‘Hi!’ and to second (or should that be third/forth) the wisdom already dispensed by Phil, JJ & Mango. We’ve changed the clocks now and it will November very soon, but there’s Spring to look foreward to …

    Take care of yourselves,


    • peewiglet says:

      Thanks, David!

      Doh… it’s only now, several days after returning, that it occurred to me to check my email, and I’ve found a bunch of comments awaiting moderation, of which this was one. Soz for the delay in replying to you and others ♥

  8. Phil W says:

    Sorry to hear about this. I cannot say what you should do, but Phil#1 is right to say that the hills will be there next year. So all the best if you decide to carry on but don’t feel bad if you decide to cut things short this time.

  9. Trenthamwalker says:

    Hi Shirl,Sorry to hear that conditions are bad and that you are considering heading home.I am travelling up to the Lakes on Saturday morning and if conditions are bad,I will probably camp low down and just potter around.Have booked B & B in Ambleside for Monday night and will probably do a tour of the gear shops.Always best to live to fight another day so perhaps you can finish the Wainwrights next year.Hope to bump into you one of these days.All the best.

  10. alan.sloman says:

    Alan has indeed retold Phil #1’s motto over the electronic talking apparatus this evening.

    It really is horrid out there Captain and not the weather for Pigglies or Wigglies to be out there day after day with no cuddles.

    Think hot baths, snuggly cushions in front of the telly over winter and the hilly bits in the beautiful sunny spring, young lady.

    So Phil #1, JJ, Mango T, Phil #2 and Jeff are all spot on old gurl.

    It’s about happiness. Good times.

  11. Laura says:

    It’s all a damp squid – I agree with Al et al – go home, get Piglet sorted, drink hot chocolate – nothing like walking with the sun on your back and this is nothing like it!!!

  12. JJ says:

    If (when?) you continue next year you’ll very likely have the company of the odd Challenger desperately trying to get his or her fitness back!


  13. John H says:

    I feel a bit uncomfortable that when push came to shove us supporters didn’t say “Go Shirl, GO!!”, but IMO it’s all about freedom – if you feel obliged to carry on(or stop) then something’s gone wrong.

    IMO flexibility is the sensible strategy.

    GO SHIRL, GO!! (Home).


    • peewiglet says:

      Not at all! I’m sure it was the only decision to make, since it was largely based on the state of Piglet’s wee legs. In the circ’s I couldn’t really have done otherwise.

      Now if I’d been on my *own* I might have paid attention to cries of “Press On!” *g*

  14. alan.sloman says:

    “you’ll very likely have the company of the odd Challenger…

    Okay JJ – Who is this ‘odd Challenger’? Name names! Draw graphs, give reasons! Shirl’s public have a right to know.

  15. kateC says:

    stick it out a bit longer, the weather has to change. get piglet patched up and rest a few days. tea and cake and a read of the papers…..ooh, is that a wainwright i can see 😉

    take care-don’t make any rash decisions.

  16. It’s supposed to be fun!
    I’ll be having fun in the Lakes on 3/11 – happy to join you. Coming, JJ? Anyone else?

  17. peewiglet says:

    we’re on the way home, and P looks very happy!

    Martin – would love -to see you in the Lakes 3 Nov Subject to P’s legs being better.

    InHawkshead now. W next. then Oxenholme and then Wigan and then home.

    will collect Puss-Puss later and all watch Cookery Chaanel tonight!

  18. Mike Knipe says:

    Never mind, maybe it just wasn’t the right time for this – duff time of year for something like this in my verri umble opinion anyway -dark and cold, draughty and miserable, and thats just the pubs… Bruno says you woz cruel to take the dog who prolly needs substantially feeding up now to sooth the poor pooche’s nerves after all the trauma.. Thats what he would want anyway…

    • peewiglet says:

      Hello Mike 🙂

      You’re right about the time of year, and those pubs… dreadful places! Can’t understand why anybody frequents them. Ahem…

      I’ll have to make sure that Piglet doesn’t read this because if she does she’ll be onto Bruno and they’ll prolly be calling in the RSPCP!

  19. Have a ‘good one’, you probably need it!
    A plan for Tuesday?
    I’m completely flexible, but for starters…9.30 at Coniston?

  20. JJ says:

    I would love to join you both next week, but I’m involved in The Warburton Souling Play all week.

    Fancy coming along to the last night at the Saracen’s Head on Saturday? You too Shirl? (If you’re still around…don’t forget your guitar!)


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