A most peculiar thing…

piglet doze

…has just occurred, chez nous.

While I was at the pet shop today, buying food for Piggly, I also bought her a couple of the chews that she particularly enjoys.

I’d forgotten about them until about 5 minutes ago, when–noticing that she was slumped around on the floor beside my computer, looking terminally bored–it occurred to me to go and get one, as P loves to chew them while I’m messing around up here.

So, I told Piglet I was going to get her a really lovely chew, and it was most odd! She behaved as though she’d actually understood precisely what I’d said, leaped up started bouncing around excitedly. She then followed–well, *led* more than followed–me downstairs to the pantry, bouncing up and down, drooling and panting at me with delight, and now she’s happily established on the floor again, attempting to gnaw her wee teethies away to little stubs.

I know it’s only a small thing, but it did seem odd that she reacted with so much excitement to what I’d said. I talk to her all the time, but generally she just shrugs and turns away unless I’m actively proferring something edible (or a picture of her boyfriend, Buster the Cairn terrier).

I wonder whether she somehow picked up on the mental image of a chew that my thought had created in my mind…? Yeah, I realise it sounds nuts, but then it’s not so very long since most peeps thought the earth was flat, remember… And There are more things in Heaven and Earth, etc etc etc 🙂 Oh, and only a few months ago I’m sure I spoke to somebody who still didn’t believe in ghosts!

*is shocked*

p.s. And don’t forget all those stories of the cunning wee dogs who apparently leap out of their beds and dash to the window a few minutes before their peepses turn into the drive…


10 Responses to A most peculiar thing…

  1. Shirl, you will be surprised how much dogs understand.Strider being a collie is meant to be very intelligent and have a word vocab that matches a 3 yr old.
    Wait until P learns to hassle you for a treat everytime P feels she wants one. Bud does that, he gets very naggy.

    • peewiglet says:

      Oh, Piglet is already at the hassling stage. I can’t feed the cat without giving some sort of snacklet to Piggly too.

      Still, I’ve re-stocked on carrots, though, so she can make do with one of those until I make her some more liver and garlic biscuits 🙂

  2. backpackbrewer says:

    Whilst not being quite in the same vein, I once had a cocker spaniel that did one odd thing (really odd as opposed to the day to day odd that she was renowned for)
    We had several “compilation” CDs of classical music and would play these from time to time in an evening. The dog, Lucy, would completely ignore this (and other things not related to food or chasing birds or cats or parked cars….oops I digress) until one particular piece. When this piece of music came on, and I cant for the life of me remember what it was at the moment, Lucy would prick her ears, sit up and howl for all her worth.
    Now this in itself might not be considered strange as quite a few dogs howl at certain things. It was just the way she did it. In all of her 12 years, I never heard her howl like that apart for this particular piece of music only. And when I say howl, it sounds odd but it felt like she was “singing along” and that she really liked it. Oh and really throw her head back whilst doing it. As soon as the piece ended, she would put her head back down and go to sleep dreaming of food (and birds and cats and parked cars)

    • peewiglet says:

      How extremely interesting! I’d be very excited indeed if either of my wee creatures showed a particular interest in a piece of music. I’m sure there’s a lot more going on in their little heads than they’re often given credit for. Certainly it’s surprising how quickly Piglet picked up texting… *g*

  3. alan.sloman says:

    My cat Lily understands the word “Breakfast” and scampers downstairs to her food bowl and waits for me to re-fill it.

    • peewiglet says:

      Ha! Call that a cat?

      My cat, Puss-Puss, understands the word “Breakfast”, and when I say it she scampers downstairs and cooks me bacon and eggs!


  4. Mike says:

    Hi Shirl,

    A new reader of your blog. Much enjoyed you Challenge report.

    Eddie understands everything I say, whether it involves food or not. I sometimes wonder who’s training who…

    • peewiglet says:

      Hello Mike!

      Many thanks for your kind words re: the Challenge report. I’m v. glad that you enjoyed it, and thank you for letting me know 🙂

      Yeah, Piglet seems to be getting me very well trained… *g* What kind of a dog is Eddie?

      • Mike says:

        Eddie’s a St.Bernard (My avatar on Outdoorsmagic). 9 1/2 stone of bone & gristle. Sadly he’s a little too old for the fells.

  5. Mike Knipe says:

    One of our dogs is as deaf as a brick – so understands no words at all – but superdawg understands many – and you can test this by singing certain words or saying them in a squeaky voice or something – they definately know what you’re on about.
    But the one thing dogs are really good at is body language. Bruno knows when a good walk is in the offing and stands by the drawer which has his lead in it. They watch you all the time. After a few years (Bruno is 8), there can be very high levels of understanding between you and fido, particularly if your behavious is fairly predictable – eg you eat at roughly the same time every day. One of my dogs along time ago used to respond to the introductory music to “scene at six-thirty”, which is the time he was fed. They still believe that when you come out of Tesco’s, you’ve just had a really really successful hunting session, though.

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