Another blast from the past — heart skips a wee beat!

Here’s another. I insisted on singing this for the choir audition in the 2nd year at school, in place of the insipid thing the music teacher suggested, and failed to get into the choir. Ah, well… I was the only girl in the whole year who actually *wanted* to be in the choir, I think, but such is life. Or such was life, anyway, at my most peculiar school…

This recording is a little odd, but I like the arrangement *g*

Nana’s done one too, of course. It’s a little deadly, but WTF… I defo prefer the little girl’s rendition, except for Nana’s lovely resolving bit. (What is it with Nana and her endings???)


7 Responses to Another blast from the past — heart skips a wee beat!

  1. alan.sloman says:

    So what lyrics did you choose for the Ash Grove? Surely not the ones that the boys in the woods taught you?
    Might be the reason….

    • peewiglet says:

      Um… there’s another version?

      And which boys in the woods? *gulp* The only boys in the woods that I remember are the little wimpy scouts that my sister, pals and I used to torment over at the Scout Wood 🙂 That’s a while ago now, though. Phew…

      The *real* words are…

      The ash grove, how graceful, how plainly tis speaking,
      the wind through it playing has language for me.
      Whenever the light through its branches is breaking
      a host of kind faces is gazing on me.
      The friends of my childhood again are before me,
      each step wakes a memory as freely I roam.
      With soft whispers laden its leaves rustle o’er me,
      the ash grove, the ash grove again alone is my home.

      Down yonder green valley where streamlets meander
      when twilight is fading I pensively rove.
      Or at the bright noontide in solitude wander
      amid the dark shades of the lonely ash grove.
      Twas there while the blackbird was cheerfully singing
      I first met that dear one, the joy of my heart.
      Around us for gladness the bluebells were springing
      the ash grove, the ash grove that sheltered my home.

      My laughter is over, my step loses lightness,
      old countryside measures steal soft on my ears;
      I only remember the past and its brightness,
      the dear ones I mourn for again gather here.
      From out of the shadows their loving looks greet me,
      and wistfully searching the leafy green dome,
      I find other faces fond bending to greet me,
      the ash grove, the ash grove alone is my home.

  2. alan.sloman says:

    Ah – a nicely brought up young lady! I could run the words past you that I learned as a naughty boy at Stan & Bills? I am sure Humph will know them too.
    And Croydon.
    And Terry.
    And JJ.
    ooh – all the boys really….

    • peewiglet says:

      Ooh, excellent! We get to sing The Ash Grove at Stan and Bill’s!

      Oh, NOES, though… Croydon’s not going this year 😦 Does that mean there will be no singing?


      G’won, then… tell me the other version 🙂

  3. alan.sloman says:

    so – That’ll be you leading the singing this year then Miss…
    One, two, thre: “The Mayor of Bayswater…”

  4. Phil says:

    Shirl. You’ve set Miss W off on her schooldays. If I hear her highly individual rendition of ‘The Ash Grove’ one more time I swear I’ll not be responsible for my actions. And it gets worse. This morning I have endured ‘The Vicar of Bray’… four times.

    • peewiglet says:

      Heh… I’m sure Miss W’s highly individual rendition is excellent!

      I don’t know The Vicar of Bray, but I’m off to YouTube now to seek it out *g*

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