Quick update — cars, cooks, celebrities and rain

I’m still mired in car-related chaos, here, but I hope to be finally getting it sorted out either today or tomorrow. I’ve settled on a Skoda Fabia Estate, subject only to the fates performing a further backflip and turning my plans around once again. Now, I hope, it’s simply a matter of choosing the actual car. Fingers crossed y’all, please, and a special mention for Mango Terrier, who knows far more about cars, and buying them, than I’d have believed possible until a week ago.

What is it with the contestants on Come Dine With Me, I wonder? I can’t understand why so many people who choose to enter a dinner party hosting competition appear to be averse to eating/trying such a wide range of foods!

Catching up with a few episodes via the wonderful TV on Demand yesterday, I saw great swathes of people who didn’t like/wouldn’t eat/had never heard of/were unwilling to taste bog-standard varieties of fish, cheese, chocolate and meat. One bloke made what looked like an absolutely scrumptious fish stew, only to find that one of his 3 guests simply didn’t eat fish whilst another one couldn’t face fish that came in shells and “…looks like this!” she said, dragging a snarl onto her face and arranging her arms into a pointy, aggressive-looking attitude in front of her eyes. It turned out that she was referring to the langoustines. After that she folded her arms and went to sleep on the table, though she was eventually able to rouse herself for a bit of chocolate pudding. In another episode, a woman was so appalled by cheese, and everthing that it involves, that she had to leave the room and watch a bit of television next door while the others tucked into a bit of cheddar. Profoundly weird, ISTM…

I dunno about you, but I’m already addicted to this year’s round of I’m a Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here! It’s the only one of the ‘reality’ TV things I watch, and it’s always a lot of fun (unless you happen to be a creepy crawlie living in the Australian rain forest, of course, in which case I’m sure it’s all a bit depressing).

The celebs that make up this year’s bunch are less immediately entertaining than the last lot, but it appears that things are finally hotting up. Last night’s drama between Kim Woodburn (a bit of a bully) and Joe Bugner (a bit of a bully, but larger) made such uncomfortable viewing that I had to watch through squinted eyes, and Piglet became upset and had to be comforted by the cat. I reckon Jimmy White’s going to come through strongly as things progress, and that American bloke, George Hamilton, seems to have a sneakily wicked sense of humour.

Speaking of food, I’d like to have said something about Raymond Blanc’s The Restaurant, but it’s so extremely odd that it seems to have left me entirely unable to comment. Well, other than to say that I was very sorry to see the two army blokes go out, and that my money’s been on the two cheery peeps from The Front Room (or The Living Room, or whatever it’s called) from the outset. There! That’s prolly the kiss of death for them, then! *g* More next week, perhaps.

Last, but certainly not least, looking at the pictures that John Hee linked to on his blog yesterday I’m relieved beyond description that Piglet and I are no longer in The Licks…

10 Responses to Quick update — cars, cooks, celebrities and rain

  1. John Hesp says:

    Good luck with the restaurant. Hope they do good food.

  2. John Hesp says:

    It’ll be interesting to see what dehydrated goodies you’ve got on the Challenge next year 🙂


    • peewiglet says:

      Heh… I suspect I’ll still be subsisting on Beanfeast & Smash, as usual. I’ve not yet been able to come up with anything of my own that tastes a great deal better 🙂

  3. John Hesp says:

    Well I was thinking that you’d be bringing home unwanted food from the restaurant and putting it straight in the dehydrator.

    Dehydrated chilli-con-carni followed by dehydrated profiteroles. 🙂 That sort of thing.

    (You can tell I don’t get out much 😦 )


    • peewiglet says:

      I thought you were thinking that, but Piglet has declared that she has first dibs on anything I bring home, and the cat looked interested too…

  4. george says:

    The Restaurant is a real disaster this series, no challenges, real ropey contestants and only 8 episodes.

    I think Raymond doesn’t want any of them as partners 🙂

    The winkers (JJ & James) are god awful, one lies and the service and the other can’t cook. [i] I’m not cooking tonight as I’m running the pass[/i] yeah right!

    The couple from the Front Room; he can cook but she won’t eat anything, won’t taste the sushi, or the rabbit so can’t comment on the food.

    Barney & Badger looked the best bet until last week.

    Chris & Nathan; although Chris can cook, nathan is way to rude to work as front or house.

    Daisy & Nadine; their concept just don’t work.

    So not really one I’d like to see win.

    Unfortunately I can’t see this coming back for a fourth series ; which is a shame as the first two were really good T.V.

    I hear that Alasdair & James from series two are getting their own show, starting in the new year.

    • peewiglet says:

      It’s really not terribly exciting this time.

      The standard of the competitors is surprisingly low. I could hardly *believe* the two women who were kicked out part of the way through the first episode after the incident with the coconut… *g*

      The winkers — That was *amazing*! “Why are you winking at me?” LOLOL!

      That weird thing where the woman from the Front Room won’t try new foods seemed very odd to me too. It reminded me of the people in Come Dine With Me. Still, they do seem to be producing some yummy looking food, and certainly they’re very friendly, and appear relatively organised.

      Chris & Nathan — I could hardly believe the way the front of house one was behaving towards customers. They must both be insane if they imagine they could ever run a restaurant treating people that way.

      Daisy and Nadine — they just don’t seem to be very experienced in cooking the food they say they want to present to the public. Weren’t they cooking something (goat?) very quickly last week/the week before, when apparently it should have been slow cooked for hours? Just like the Winkers did with the beef shin.

      I certainly couldn’t do better, but then I’m not expecting somebody to open a restaurant with me. Looking at them, I can only conclude that all the people who *really* want to open a restaurant, and have the skills to do so, have gone out and done it already.

      Did you see the first series? I didn’t, but I heard that there were two women cooking veggie food who everybody but Raymond Blanc thought were clear winners. Maybe it’s on YouTube. I’ll go and look.

      And Alasdair and James getting their own show??? *gasp* What sort of show will that be, I wonder?

  5. I did see the 1st series the women were twin sisters who had an organic themed restaurant and were runners-up.

    All I can find about Alasdair and James http://bit.ly/7wTmXg

    • peewiglet says:

      I wish I’d seen the first series, but I can’t find it on YouTube now.

      Ta for that link to the Alasdair/James thing. Funnily enough, when you said they were getting a show that’s exactly the sort of show that went through my mind! I will wait with bated breath *g*

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