Clive James — A Point of View

I love Clive James. He’s witty–sometimes LOL funny–and he has strong opinions in relation to subjects that I find interesting. I like the way he expresses them, and I often share his PsOV.

I listen to BBC Radio podcasts when I’m walking/running/desperately trying to keep up with the Piglet, and at the moment the series A Point of View (Radio 4) is airing a number of recordings from the exalted Clive. I’ve enjoyed them all, and this week it happens to be about cheating in sport.

Football supporters should prolly skip on now… *g*… but I enjoyed it. Click here to listen in.

(It’ll be disappearing soon: I think the BBC only keeps the podcasts up for a week from the date of first broadcast. Or something like that.)


2 Responses to Clive James — A Point of View

  1. blogpackinglight says:

    If you want to read it here’s a link:

    I’m fed up with cheating in sport!

    • peewiglet says:

      Thanks, Robin.

      Yes, me too. It was never like that when I played hockey, even at club and county level. No arguing with the umpire, no cheating when nobody’s watching, no sneakily stamping on opponents or trying to take the best players out.

      What on earth is the world coming to, I wonder? It’s not a good world in which to be raising a puppy… *g*

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