So glad that Piglet won’t be applying to schools for a while yet…

ZOMG… I’m so glad that Piglet, Piss-Piss and I don’t live in New York!

Here’s a fascinating glimpse into the agonies suffered by New York parents attempting to get their 4-year-old children into the city’s best kindergartens. I read a novel about this annual nightmare a few months ago–Admissions. This documentary, though, brings it all to life.

The documentary follows 3 sets of parents. One family is applying excusively to private schools, and the other two are hoping to get their wee bratlings into Hunter College Elementary School, the highly regarded NY public school (in the American sense, i.e. state school) that caters for academically gifted children. With 25 applicants for every place, though, the competition to get in is fierce.

One of those two families is only applying to Hunter–that’s where the Dad went–and the other (a single mother in a low income job) is hedging her bets by also applying for scholarships at academically high-powered NY private schools.

I’m only half way through so far, so I don’t know how it all pans out. My guess, though, is that the exclusively private parents will get the school of their choice–they’re wealthy, successful and personable, and their little boy is very engaging–and that one of the other two will get into Hunter. If my guess is right then I hope the unsuccessful one gets a scholarship somewhere else.

(Update: Ooh! I was wrong on every front. Interesting stuff!)

Fortunately, Piglet won’t be going down this road for some years yet. And, of course, she still has to master navigation. Still, though; she’s only 53.5 weeks old, and she does have Piss-Piss as a tutor.

Here’s a link to episode 1 (of 6–one hour in all, on the ever-excellent YouTube). Enjoy 🙂


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