Celebrity — More Exciting Stuff :)

Is anybody else out there watching?

I’m still enjoying it lots *g* I’d like to see Jimmy, Gino or George win (or maybe Joe). I’d be horrified if it was Justin or Kim, and I really have no feelings one way or the other about Sabrina or Stuart. Jimmy is actually my favourite ♥, but I suppose my money’s on Gino.

Kim seems to me to be a bit of a bully, and hard (for me, anyway) to like. Virtually nothing that Justin says or does ever looks sincere to me. All that breathless flopping around on the floor in front of Ant and Dec with a scratched nose after the Bush Tucker Trial yesterday, and all the hysterical wailing when his partner Colin was evicted, at the idea of being parted from him for 7 days? Bleuch!

I hope Joe doesn’t go out after the BTT tonight. He seemed to me to be a bit of a bully too, at first, but I don’t see him that way any more. I reckon he’s a bit of a sweetheart, and I cringe when I think back to the episode during which Kim yelled in his face *shudder*

Ah, well. Time to take the Piglet out for walkies, I think.


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