The Restaurant — Finally Gripping!

Wow! After several weeks of dragging itself along with all the sparkle of a glass of leftover Diet Coke (complete with wilted lemon and a couple of drowned flies), The Restaurant seems to have taken off!

I forgot to watch it on Thursday, which is a pretty good indication of exactly how gripping it’s been, but I remembered this morning and so Piglet and I sat down together to catch up. Mindful of earlier viewings, Piglet promptly fell asleep. I didn’t, though, and I’m glad I stayed awake.

The poor couple from the Front Room! They’re so keen and friendly, and they work together well as a team, and people do actually enjoy their food (which surely must be a selling point when trying to run a restaurant, despite the very snotty comments that the female judge keeps making about the sort of food they’re serving), but the disaster with the airplane cake was just about the funniest thing I’ve seen on television in years! I was almost crying with laughter at its little drooping snout, that looked like a duck billed platypus beak. At the same time, though, I felt terrible for the poor bloke (Steve, is it?) who had to carry it out, terrified that his customers were going to laugh. Truly gripping stuff, I thought!

Raymond sacked the two women with the Nigerian restaurant, because he felt (correctly, I suppose) that they’d lost their Nigerian theme. I thought, though, that the two blokes from Rags to Riches should have gone. Nathan is just mind-bogglingly rude, both to his customers last week and to his fellow competitors this week. Asked to help one of the other teams to carry out their food at the tea dance, because he had nothing to do while they were snowed under with tables to cover, his response was “I don’t think so! I can’t be arsed!” Um, hello??? IMO *nothing* that they did right afterwards (and admittedly they did have a good evening service) should have saved them from expulsion after that. It was clear that Raymond Blanc hadn’t seen the footage. I wonder what he thinks, now that he has. (Well, assuming that he hadn’t fallen asleep too, of course.)

The two blokes who don’t cook were also very entertaining, and I confess that I was almost as amazed and delighted as they were to discover that the cake they made for the party of 12 was pronounced “delicious” by the two judges! Maybe it’ll inspire them to do a bit more cooking next week.

Anyway… it really was the most exciting thing I’ve seen on the old telly for quite a while–even more exciting than recent episodes of Celebrity–and I’m so glad I didn’t just delete it without watching.

Are you out there, George? What did you think??


One Response to The Restaurant — Finally Gripping!

  1. george says:

    :wave: Agree that Daisy & Nadine’s concept had lost its way, I think you need to understand this from the start to have any chance of winning. But they can cook, unlike JJ & James; buying all the cakes for the tea dance was a bit naughty.

    James did work his socks off in the challenge; but the ability to bake one cake doesn’t make them any better :-0.

    Again Nathan showed what a petty little person he is; I feel sorry for Chris as he can cook.

    That aeroplane cake was one of the most cringworthy and humiliating things that I’ve ever seen, it was so painful I was watching from behind the sofa. 😀

    After that I’m routing for Stephen & Rebecca 🙂

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