The Restaurant — Off The Boil Again

Sadly, last night’s The Restaurant was as dull as ditchwater again.

M. Blanc says it’s a very difficult decision, but to me it seems simple.

1. The Summer Room. Despite their charm and business smarts, the two cocktail blokes don’t cook. So, unless Raymond and his associates want to go into business with them in something other than a restaurant then they simply can’t win.

2. Rags to Riches. The chef is excellent, but Nathan is so mind-bogglingly dreadful with customers (when he’s forgotten the camera is there), rude to his colleagues (when he thinks nobody’s watching) and just plain lazy that it would be ridiculous to go into business with him. If Raymond et al choose them then they need their heads feeling!

3. The Front Room. They remain my choice for the best team in the competition, and I was delighted to see Steve up his game and impress the female judge with his cooking this week. They seem suddenly to have fallen foul of significant ill luck, though–good for Steve for fighting on through back pain: nightmare–and the clip from next week seems to suggest that they’re embroiled in another crisis. It seems to me that they really *must* win, though, given the level of the competition, unless they cock it up for themselves. I hope they’ll manage to hang on.

Sadly, I can’t say I’ll be counting down the days until the next series if it’s going to be no more lively than this one.


6 Responses to The Restaurant — Off The Boil Again

  1. Laura says:

    I was watching this before we came out to France – and was disappointed (compared to last year) in the competition.
    Quite good to get your updates though as I can’t watch UK tv here even on i-player. The signal seems to recognise when your computer is abroad and won’t let you access the programmes. Shame!
    Maybe if there is going to be another series the programme makers need to choose better quality candidates in the first place!

    • peewiglet says:

      Hmmm… well I think there must be 2 episodes left. RB didn’t close any restaurants last night, or award Restaurant of the Week to anybody (for the second week running), so presumably one of the couples will be kicked out next week and the finale will be week afterwards.

      Worry not! I will update you 🙂

  2. alansloman says:

    I think it’s odd that in this series they aren’t looking at the profitability of each restaurant. Perhaps Raymond teaches that after finding the winning combo.

    I wouldn’t go into business with any of the couples. The Summer Room are ‘chancers’. Rags to Riches: Nathan is a lazy slob. The Front Room – Steve is a poor cook and she is incredibly fragile.
    If I understand it correctly, this time isn’t it the two helpers who are going to go into business with the winning couple? Neither seem bowled over by any of them.

    Interesting though. Certainly agree with you that the ‘nicest’ pairing is the Front Room.

    • peewiglet says:

      Very odd.

      I’m not sure that Steve’s a poor cook, though. People seem to have enjoyed his food. The judges just haven’t felt it was up-market enough for a restaurant until last night. Even though each week happy customers were eagerly consuming it.

      I think all 3 of them are meant to be going into business with the winners. I think it was that way last time too, but for some reason in the past it looked as though just RB was making the decisions.

  3. george says:

    The last two series it has only been RB going into partnership with the winners.

    I said to SWMBO last night that if the ‘winkers’ didn’t go last night I would stop watching, so I have watched the last episode.

    There was a lot of swearing after that decision last night.

    JJ and James are successful in the cocktail market, I think that is why RB is keeping them in, the whole show has become a joke, and unfortunately RB is getting tarred with the same brush.

    • Piglet says:

      Hi George,

      Ahaa… the other two must be nuts, then! Are they trying to get in on the action, or is RB attempting to spread the risk? *g*

      I really can’t understand why JJ and James are still in it either, accomplished as they are in their own sphere.

      I’ll watch again next week, though, barring disaster. I have to say that instinct tells me that Nathan and his partner will win, because Nathan’s the best cook. He’s prolly the best of the bunch as a business partner for RB and his two judges, but (IMO) it would be ridiculous for them to win when Nathan’s still part of the deal.

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