Work last night…

…was a real giggle 🙂 It was particularly busy because there was a singer–a cabaret sort of bloke–due in at about 10pm, and so lots of people had booked in order to see him.

I was mainly helping the woman in charge of dealing with drinks orders, but I was drafted in to carry some food out a couple of times as it was a very busy night.

The best moment was when I was asked to carry out a plate of vegetarian crab to a busy table. I stood around smiling and calling, “Vegetarian crab?” for a minute or so with no success, until all of a sudden a penny dropped in somebody’s mind and a woman across the table began to giggle and told me it was her vegetarian kebab. LOL! Oops…

Some time after that I was dispatched to the local supermarket to buy £40’s worth of Mateus Rose (I didn’t know it was still going! But clearly there’s been a run on it, since I got the last 9 bottles) in a hurry, as one of the tables had consumed the entire supply. As the boss handed over the dosh he fixed me with a glare and said, “Make sure you come back.” Bearing in mind that he hasn’t paid me anything yet it was a bit of a toss-up *g*

At another point I was told to take a bottle of red wine to one of the tables. I did, and expertly (ha!) poured some for them, and then I carried the bottle back to the vault. I was almost there before I realised that I should have left it on the table. Oops again *g*

I’m not a cabaret sort of person, but I have to say that the singer was really excellent! I didn’t expect to enjoy it, but within about 30 minutes he had people up and bopping around the tables. By the time I left the place was a frenzy of happy middle-aged diners gyrating in the aisles!

I only had 8 hours this week–I’m working there again tonight–so it doesn’t look as though I’m going to make a lot of money doing this job. If things carry on as they’re going, though, I’m pretty sure I’m going to enjoy it *g*


One Response to Work last night…

  1. John Hesp says:

    Just a minute – you mean you have fun AND get paid!?

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