Piglet attacked in the sandhills :(

Just after we got off the beach this evening we ran into a woman with a dog in the sandhills.

I’m always wary of new dogs–particularly those larger than Piglet, which is almost all of them–but this one (labrador sized) looked friendly enough. I asked the owner if it was friendly and she said it was, although it sometimes got a little “silly”.

Anyway, Piggly went through her usual submissive routine and the woman and I had just begun to chat when all of a sudden there was a terrible growling and the bloody thing jumped on top of Piglet and rolled her over and started snapping and snarling at her throat and tummy 😦 I tried to brush it off, but had to drag it away by the back legs in the end. Poor Piglet has never been treated like that before, and she cried like a little baby.

The woman apologised–I’m sure she was embarrassed: I know I am when Piglet simply barks at other dogs–but I wish that people wouldn’t use euphemisms like “silly” when what they actually mean is bloody vicious. If she’d told me her dog might be aggressive I’d have put Piglet on her lead, and picked her up if necessary.

I don’t think Piglet was actually hurt–just frightened–and that’s a relief. I’ll give her a thorough cuddling later, though, to check for any punctures. She’s a little manic at the moment.

It hadn’t occurred to me before getting Piglet how anxious having a small dog was going to make me around larger ones. I can’t remember whether I’ve mentioned that I’ve had both a dog (a Jack Russell) and a cat killed by dogs in the past, and it’s not a memory that’s easy to shake off. I’m almost certainly going to get a second dog when Piglet’s about 2, because I think she really needs the company. I’d love another terrier, but I might just go for something larger that can hold its own against the big dogs, and help protect Piglet 😦


6 Responses to Piglet attacked in the sandhills :(

  1. Louise says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that, what a horrid experience. I had a German Shephard for several years, she was a wonderful dog, a real softy but a little nervous. We’d socialised her and taken her to training classes, so it was just in her nature. If we met anyone out walking, I always put her on her lead, to comfort her, (stop her disappearing, running after her whilst six months pregnant taught me that!) and to appease others. People find big dogs unnerving and especially certain breeds. I knew she wouldn’t harm a flea, but animals are unpredictable and I never took the chance. Part of being a responsible owner, for me, was to be in control at all times. I do hope poor Piglet isn’t hurt and that she won’t be nervous now. What a shame to spoil a lovely walk.

    • peewiglet says:

      Thanks, Louise ♥

      I confess that I *am* always a little nervous around German Shepherds, and it’s most interesting to hear that your dog was nervous around others! That hadn’t occurred to me as a possibility.

      Piglet seems not to have been hurt, and trotted off happily enough afterwards. We didn’t meet any other dogs on the way home, but I’ll see how she is in the woods later today.

  2. Mango Terrier says:

    Ho! My brother was attacked by a Saluki a few months ago. I dealt with him, oh yes. Got him by the ear.

    Seriously tho’ – dogs on leads can be more agressive, and picking us little ones up can exacerbate matters.

    Cesar The Dog Whisperer is the biz!


    • peewiglet says:

      Ho, Mango!

      Piglet needs a guardian like you.

      I’d only pick her up if absolutely necessary, of course–I know it can pique other dogs’ curiosity, and that it could make Piggly nervous–but if the day comes when some large, savage beastie makes a grab for her I’d like to be able to whisk her away.

      I like Cesar, oh yes! I think I’ve seen just about every one of his episodes!

  3. blogpackinglight says:

    My Jack Russell has been attacked twice by an Alsatian whose owner allowed it to walk off the lead down the street. Once it ran across the road. Some dog owners are unbelievably irresponsible. Poor little Patch was a nervous wreck afterwards and still doesn’t want to walk along that stretch of road.

    • peewiglet says:

      I really loathe dog owners like that 😦

      Cuddles to Patch, and a lick from Piglet. P was frightened by a labradoodle when she was just a baby, and now she’s frightened whenever we see one. I know Cesar says that dogs live in the moment, but I have to say that I don’t entirely agree.

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